390 Someone Needs to Bear the Responsibility

    Star Entertainment had been keeping track of the news, especially the major forum discussions online, for the past few days.

    Meeting One's Match hadn't been screened, but it had already been boycotted.

    Star Entertainment had expected this reaction from the public.

    An Qianqian scoffed coldly. "That wretched lass, Lin Yan, only became known after getting involved in scandals. It's natural that people will boycott the movie she is in!"

    The corners of Gao Zhiwei's mouth curled upward. "The official publicity trailer was released not long ago. They included Lin Yan initially, but due to the resistance and negative feedback, they deleted her scenes from the trailer!"

    One of the managers smirked as he replied, "Director Gao, that isn't the end. I reckon that they will delete all of Lin Yan's scenes from Meeting One's Match. They might even find a new actress to replace her!"

    Even though Lin Yan's character in Meeting One's Match was important, she hadn't had that many scenes. It wasn't entirely impossible that they might delete Lin Yan's scenes due to the criticism and feedback.


    Gao Zhiwei and his team were right.

    At the moment, the production team of Meeting One's Match was having a huge headache over this problem.

    They had already tried to minimize Lin Yan's scenes. However, they hadn't expected to receive such overwhelming criticism before the movie even hit the screens.

    Of course, their rivals had played a substantial role as well by striking when the iron was hot. They had tried to bring them down by using underhanded methods.

    However, this still boiled down to how horrible Lin Yan's reputation was. The haters had merely needed a little instigation to boycott the movie immediately.

    The lot was cast. Even if they paid fake fans to post positive comments, it wouldn't solve the problem. It might backfire instead.

    To make things worse, many famous movie critics in the industry had declared that they would boycott any movie or drama that included Lin Yan.

    Hence, the production team was facing an immense amount of pressure.

    During the meeting...

    Feng Anhua, who had been hard-pressed for the past few days, banged the table furiously and yelled, "Delete all her scenes! Get the publicity team to get rid of any content that has to do with Lin Yan in the campaign, videos, or anything else!"

    "Producer Feng, we have deleted those scenes and re-uploaded the trailer. However... it didn't go as planned. Everyone knows that Lin Yan is acting in this movie..." one of the crew members replied, looking defeated.

    Assistant Director Wu Wenhai glanced at Jiang Yiming and smirked coldly. "If someone hadn't supported Lin Yan and insisted that she should get the role, we wouldn't have ended up in this troublesome situation today!

    Because of that sh*tty woman, millions of investment will be going down the drain! Someone needs to bear the responsibility for this! Am I right?"

    Jiang Yiming sat in silence, looking sullen and grave.

    He refused to believe that he was wrong. However, he also understood that the production's priority was to make profit.

    This industry wasn't just about right or wrong...

    Feng Anhua replied gruffly, "Then delete all of Lin Yan's scenes and roll out an official announcement to apologize to the fans!"
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