391 Im Here to Relay News

    Jiang Yiming's face hardened before he yelled, "No way!"

    Wu Wenhai raised an eyebrow. "Director Jiang, are you still speaking up for Lin Yan at this juncture?"

    Jiang Yiming replied, "If you want to delete Lin Yan's scenes, then you need to delete Wei Xufeng's scenes too. After all, they acted together. Although Lin Yan's scenes aren't that many, they connect the story from beginning to end! Her scene with Pei Nanxu is extremely important! This movie will be ruined if you delete her scenes!"

    The team had second thoughts when Wei Xufeng's name was mentioned. After all, they knew that he wasn't a person that could be easily trifled with.

    "Since we can't do that, why don't you think of a solution, Director Jiang? The movie will be screened soon, so we don't have time to find a replacement and re-film the scenes! Besides, ruining the movie would be better than losing everything, wouldn't it?" Wu Wenhai hissed agitatedly.

    Other than him, the rest of the crew members at the meeting also bore a grudge.

    Feng Anhua had worked with Jiang Yiming for years, and they were close friends. However, Jiang Yiming had played a major part in causing this mess, so there was no way he could help him.

    Everyone began to grumble and complain at the same time.

    Jiang Yiming rose slowly and declared loudly, "As the main director of this movie, I object to deleting Lin Yan's scenes. I have decided that the movie will stay as planned. If this movie suffers a loss when the time comes, I will bear all the consequences and answer to the investors personally. Meeting dismissed!"

    Jiang Yiming bowed before the crew members slowly.

    Everyone clammed up and the room fell silent.

    After some time, someone mumbled, "If the movie suffers a loss? Isn't this movie bound to suffer a loss?"

    "I agree. Didn't you notice how bad our movie showtimes are? The major theaters have refused to give us the prime showtimes. They allocated the midnight showtimes to us..."

    "This movie was bound to be a money-spinner before that jinx ruined everything. Director Jiang has made a poor call this time and refused to admit his mistake..."


    At Cloud Manor...

    After a harrowing experience the first night, the subsequent days passed peacefully.

    Pei Yucheng was busy at work and usually returned home late. They hadn't seen each other since the first night, and both of them were safe and sound.

    Lin Yan had nothing to do, so she was reading random news articles on her phone.

    When she saw Star Entertainment's announcement, she snorted to herself. Gao Zhiwei was really shameless.

    How cunning of him to use her to improve the reputation of the company. He acted as though he was just and honorable by delivering justice on behalf of the company.

    Lin Yan couldn't be bothered to clarify, as she had been buried in hate comments even though she had done nothing. She shuddered to imagine what would happen if she were to clarify.

    As Meeting One's Match was about to hit the screens, a flurry of comments as huge as a storm had hit her.

    Acting was her job, and she just wanted to do it well. As long as she tried her best, the rest was none of her concern.

    Everything rested upon the reactions and feedback of the public once everyone watched the movie.


    Pei Yutang's voice was heard outside her room.

    "The door isn't locked. Come in," answered Lin Yan.

    Pei Yutang walked happily in.

    "Why are you here again?" Lin Yan asked as she surveyed Pei Yutang.

    Pei Yutang gave her an alluring smile. "Daddy, I'm here to relay news, of course!"

    He quietly added in his heart, 'I also came to use the huge swimming pool and game room in the luxurious mansion!'
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