393 Granny, Youre Here!

    Lin Yan had asked Zhao Hongling to meet her later in the day to discuss the contract. She had no time for Pei Yutang's nonsense. Thus, she left for Zhao Hongling's apartment after washing up.

    Duoduo and Zhao Hongling were carefully reading the contract.

    "Duoduo, open the door," Zhao Hongling told Duoduo when she heard the doorbell.

    Duoduo rose and walked to the door.

    "Hello, Sister Yan," Duoduo greeted her.

    "What did you call me?" Lin Yan grinned.

    Duoduo was speechless...

    "Granny, you're here!" The corners of Duoduo's mouth twitched as she tried again.

    "Good girl." Lin Yan nodded in approval before casting her bag aside on the couch.

    "Lin Yan, I have read the contract carefully. There is no problem... However..." Zhao Hongling gazed at Lin Yan, looking conflicted.

    "Sister Ling, what's wrong?" asked Lin Yan.

    "It's the remuneration." Zhao Hongling didn't beat around the bush.

    Lin Yan replied, "Sister Ling, is the remuneration too low for you?"

    "No. On the contrary, it's too high." Zhao Hongling shook her head.

    Zhao Hongling had asked around regarding Summit Entertainment's remuneration package. Experienced managers indeed took home a generous remuneration and a bonus. However, the sum stated in the contract was higher than what those managers earned.

    Logically speaking, someone who had just jumped ship would get a lower bonus and remuneration than the veterans of the company.

    "Isn't that awesome? Sister Ling, what's troubling you then?" Lin Yan looked confused.

    Zhao Hongling nodded and expounded, "I'm very satisfied with the terms in the contract proposed by Summit Entertainment. I just don't understand why Summit Entertainment would be so generous. I read your contract too, and the terms and treatment are great as well!"

    "There is no question about that. Summit Entertainment must have felt that we are worth that sum of money. After all, they are not a charity organization." Lin Yan chuckled in response.

    Zhao Hongling didn't doubt Lin Yan's explanation.

    Just like Lin Yan had said, Summit Entertainment wasn't a charity organization. They must have performed an evaluation of the artist's potential and talent prior to signing them.

    Based on Zhao Hongling's experience, their remuneration and bonus should have been lower than what the rest of the managers and artists received. The terms in the contract were totally unexpected.

    Usually, a manager's remuneration would depend on the artist. Summit Entertainment had given Lin Yan a generous package, which was why she and Duoduo benefited from it as well.

    A manager like her wouldn't even have dared to dream of entering a conglomerate like Summit Entertainment.

    "My salary has swelled a few times too!" Duoduo exclaimed in excitement.

    At Summit Entertainment, an assistant's salary would be paid directly by the company.

    Duoduo came from a poor background and had been the breadwinner of her family for a long time. Thus, she had been very pleased with her salary at Star Entertainment.

    However, Summit Entertainment had offered her six times her previous salary!

    This merely applied to the trial period. If she performed well, there would be an adjustment.

    Duoduo felt as if she was dreaming. This was too surreal. It was unbelievable.

    Lin Yan and Zhao Hongling waited for a short while before two of Summit Entertainment's representatives arrived.

    One of them was in charge of the contract, while the other was a representative of Summit Entertainment's legal department.
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