394 Be Mentally Prepared

    Summit Entertainment's employees were professional indeed. They brought along a colleague from the legal department as well to ensure that all of them were clear about the terms of the contract. After making sure they understood, they signed it together.

    The employee stood up to shake hands with Lin Yan. "Miss Lin, welcome to Summit Entertainment. After signing the contract, please keep this under wraps. Summit Entertainment will send a representative to contact Miss Zhao shortly to plan and discuss your work and schedule."

    Lin Yan replied, "Sure, thank you."

    He left the apartment after reminding them of some other matters.

    Zhao Hongling and Duoduo stared at the signed and sealed contract, finally realizing that it wasn't a dream.

    They had really joined Summit Entertainment...

    Duoduo bit her hand and yelped, "Oh! It's not a dream! My ancestors came alive to bless me..."

    After the discussion, Zhao Hongling turned to Lin Yan and said solemnly, "Lin Yan, Meeting One's Match is going to be screened soon. Have you heard anything about it?"

    Lin Yan nodded. "Yeah, I did."

    Zhao Hongling reeled off, "You know that the situation isn't that favorable. The movie showtimes are either at midnight or in the morning, and there is only one slot per day."

    "Previously, other movies were supposed to be screened at the same time as Meeting One's Match, but they planned to avoid it. However, they have rescheduled. From the looks of it, they must have felt that your movie wouldn't be a threat at all or would simply sink." Zhao Hongling analyzed the situation.

    "It's because of the criticism online," answered Lin Yan.

    Zhao Hongling nodded and replied curtly, "Yes, the main reason is the boycott, especially the famous critics who have declared that they will boycott your movie.

    The movie theaters aren't running a charity business. Due to the overwhelming backlash, they have allocated midnight slots to the movie. This will minimize their losses."

    Zhao Hongling eyed Lin Yan sharply. "You have to be mentally prepared."

    Lin Yan sighed when she heard Zhao Hongling. "I'm just an actress. My job is to act. I am helpless when it comes to other matters that shouldn't be my concern in the first place."

    "Your way of thinking is right." Zhao Hongling paused before she added, "But don't worry too much. Since you have just joined Summit Entertainment, you will have a chance to make it. Besides, you have potential."

    Zhao Hongling certainly knew who the culprits who had instigated everything were. Both Star Entertainment and Triumph Entertainment had played a huge role in causing this massive boycott.

    Their goal was to kick Lin Yan out of the entertainment industry once and for all with this behavior.

    This might have worked against other artists, but they didn't have the ability to kick any of Summit Entertainment's artists out.

    Summit Entertainment had signed on Lin Yan, so they naturally wouldn't let anything happen to her. This would besmirch their reputation too. Thus, they would create opportunities for her to prove herself.

    Even if Meeting One's Match really bombed at the box office, as long as Lin Yan continued to act well, Zhao Hongling was confident that she would be able to help Lin Yan restore her image with Summit Entertainment backing them up.
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