395 We Would Rather Die Than Watch the Movie

    Duoduo had stuck by Lin Yan throughout the entire filming process. Therefore, she was aware that Lin Yan had acted really well. Indignant, she spoke up for her. "There must be an instigator behind this uproar! But why are people so easily swayed on the other hand? They haven't even watched the movie, yet they're already criticizing it! Don't they have their own opinion?"

    "I stand by one principle," replied Lin Yan.

    Duoduo asked, "What is that?"

    "No matter what the conspiracy is, it will fail as long as one is capable."

    Duoduo replied, "Oh..."

    She had begun to daydream once more...


    Meanwhile, in the President's office on the highest level of Summit Entertainment's building...

    Summit Entertainment's boss, Chu Jiayao, was gazing at the man on the couch curiously. "Nanxu, be honest with me. Why would you ask me to sign on an actress with a horrible reputation? What kind of relationship do you have with Lin Yan?"

    Pei Nanxu, who had been pestered by Chu Jiayao for days, answered helplessly, "Didn't I explain this before? I believe that she has potential and you won't regret signing her on."

    "Are you sure you haven't fallen for her?" Chu Jiayao was suspicious as he probed. "You have to know the consequences a dating scandal would entail. If you are dating a D-list actress with such a bad reputation, an earthquake will hit our whole company! I won't be able to answer to our boss!"

    Pei Nanxu was speechless...

    'Actually, the one dating her is your boss...' Pei Nanxu added quietly in his head.

    "Don't worry. Your guess is wrong, and I don't plan on dating anyone. If I really did, I would inform you. You are my manager after all." Pei Nanxu had no choice but to reassure him once more.

    He didn't have any managers that took care of him. Chu Jiayao handled his matters personally.

    Hence, the boss, Chu Jiayao, was his manager.

    "After working with her, you immediately asked me to sign her on. How could I believe you? There are so many actresses with potential, but you have never asked me for a favor before. Why would you specifically help her?" Chu Jiayao was still feeling suspicious.

    Pei Nanxu knew that Chu Jiayao wouldn't be convinced so easily. "Because I believe that she will become the most popular artist of Summit Entertainment in the future. Is this reason sufficient?"

    Chu Jiayao glanced at the screen of his laptop, which displayed a page full of criticism directed at Lin Yan. "Are you sure..."

    A famous critic had typed, 'I once thought that Jiang Yiming was the most righteous director in the entertainment industry. I take back my words! Meeting One's Match is doomed to fail! I will never step into a theater to watch any of Jiang Yiming's productions again! What a disappointment!'

    Someone else had posted, 'What the... I thought that the crew would have replaced Lin Yan by now! Who knew that they would keep her. She has dragged the entire cast down with her. Is the production crew insane?

    Or perhaps, they think that they can earn the fans' money easily? We won't simply accept any sh*t that is offered to us! We won't take it this time!'

    Wei Xufeng's fan club had posted, 'How dare they promote this pairing despite our objections! How could Lin Yan be paired with Young Master Wei? We will boycott Meeting One's Match! This is a sh*tty movie!'

    A loyal fan of the novel had typed, 'What the... How dare they choose her to portray my goddess! This production team has gone bonkers! Do they think that loyal fans would support the movie by watching it? Dream on! We would rather die than pay for a ticket to watch this movie!'

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