396 Brilliant!

    At nearly midnight, in a VIP private room at a club...

    He Shanshan pointed at the news article on her phone as she burst into laughter. "Oh my! This is cracking me up! That b*tch, Lin Yan, has been shredded to pieces by her haters. How dare she act all high and mighty previously? I told you so. Did she really think the role would belong to her after she stole it? That depends on whether she has the capability to hold on to it!"

    "That was expected. I advised Director Jiang, but he didn't listen. He insisted firmly on screening the movie on schedule. He is going to drag the rest of the cast down along with the movie." Jiang Sifei sighed heavily.

    Lin Shuya sat on the couch, sipping a glass of wine gracefully. "They will only regret it after their heads are badly bruised and bleeding."

    "It's a pity. Miss Lin, you helped me clinch the female lead of this movie..." Jiang Sifei looked aggrieved.

    Lin Shuya, who understood Jiang Sifei's concern, chuckled softly. "Don't worry. This will just make them understand something. Anyone in the entertainment industry who dares to hire Lin Yan will suffer similar consequences.

    Feng Anhua will delete Lin Yan's scenes and edit the movie. When the time comes, you will be able to promote the movie with the rest of the cast."

    Lin Shuya didn't give a damn about Jiang Sifei. All she wanted was to... destroy Lin Yan completely!

    Jiang Sifei looked relieved and overjoyed. "Miss Lin, you are so wise!"


    Two days later, the premiere of Meeting One's Match took place.

    There were hardly any patrons in the movie theater, especially because the movie was screened at midnight.

    At the biggest theater in the capital city...

    A famous, renowned movie critic sat in a corner, looking stunned and amazed. His expression intensified when he saw Lin Pianruo's character appear...

    The girl was wearing a black evening gown, and she looked cold, aloof, and refined. She possessed an overwhelming aura and she portrayed the character flawlessly...

    "How could... this be..."

    Originally, the critic had come to watch the two award-winning actors, Pei Nanxu and Jiang Sifei. However, after the movie, he sat there in disbelief for a long time.

    Pei Nanxu's performance was natural and flawless as usual, but the critic had been blown away by the female supporting actress, who had stolen the female lead's thunder.

    Wasn't that Lin Yan, who had been berated badly recently by the public?

    Contrary to the claims that her acting was horrible, she had portrayed the character of Lin Pianruo perfectly and brought her to life. It seemed as though the character had walked out of the novel...

    Other than the critic, there were also a few other people around who were Lin Yan's haters.

    Their intention was to criticize and chide Lin Yan online after watching the movie. They wanted to tell the world that Lin Yan was an ugly, lousy actress with sh*tty acting skills...


    The moment Lin Yan appeared, everyone was astonished by her beauty.

    They were rather surprised that Jiang Sifei did not look too bad in this role, which hadn't required her to make herself look ugly. However, when Lin Yan appeared on the screen, the rest of the actresses were nothing compared to her.

    Unbelievably, the scene she had with Wei Xufeng wasn't as unbearable as it had been rumored to be. On the contrary, it made the little girls swoon and caused their hearts to flutter!

    Finally, her scene with Pei Nanxu was the most explosive!

    When the entire movie was over, everyone thought of only one word to describe it- Brilliant!
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