397 From Hater to Fan

    The next morning...

    A critic's Weibo post started trending.

    'Support Meeting One's Match! Lin Pianruo is brilliant!'

    It wasn't because of the influence this particular critic wielded, but merely because his post was too eye-catching amongst a sea of criticism.

    This critic was in turn criticized for either trying to please the crowd or using this way to boost his popularity.

    Hence, the critic clarified his stance with another Weibo post.

    'I don't care what Lin Yan is like in real life. I only want to comment on her performance in the movie. Meeting One's Match is the best movie I've watched in the last two years, and Lin Yan is the only artist that has amazed me with her performance in the last two years as well!

    Contrary to the comments about her performance in the movie being terrible, her character was indispensable. If her scenes had been removed in the movie, it would definitely have been the biggest loss for the entire movie!

    I want to apologize to Director Jiang Yiming, who has been attacked and doubted. His decision was right!

    I hope that everyone who is reading this won't listen to the rumors blindly and miss out on this great movie!'

    When this post was first published, it was bombarded with criticism from haters.

    'At first, I thought he just wanted more popularity. Now, it looks like he has been paid by Lin Yan!'

    'How could he betray his conscience by saying this? How much money did he receive from Lin Yan?'

    'How could anyone speak up for Lin Yan? Did a dog chew up his conscience?'

    The critic got agitated and replied directly to the comments. 'Everyone, please watch the movie. If you still insist on speaking against your conscience after watching it, I will record myself eating sh*t live on Weibo!'

    Although this critic didn't have a huge following or influence, he was known for being honest and blunt. He had never taken any bribes to promote a movie.

    Hence, several of his followers spoke up for him.

    'I have watched many of the movies this critic has recommended before. He is quite trustworthy and honest. I don't think he would take a bribe to promote a movie.'

    'Ha ha ha... How dare he make such a vow? To be honest, I'm a little intrigued. I feel like watching the movie now!'

    At the same time, a Weibo post made by one of the haters caused a commotion on a forum.

    'F*ck, f*ck, f*ck! Go and watch Meeting One's Match! You have to! You will fall for Lin Yan after the movie! From this day onward, I'm a fan of Lin Yan. Lin Yan and Wei Xufeng's pairing in the movie is awesome!'

    This person was a known hater who updated her Weibo with content that criticized Lin Yan. Hence, her fans and followers were also fellow haters.

    Everyone thought that she had gone mad.

    'What the... Are you alright, my friend? I thought you went to watch Lin Yan's movie to share comments about her lousy acting. Why are you praising her instead?'

    'How did Lin Yan manage to brainwash you?'

    'Sisters! She isn't mad! I went to watch Meeting One's Match with her yesterday. We initially wanted to take some photos sneakily to upload them online. In the end, instead of attacking her, we were attacked by how good her performance was!'

    They were both Lin Yan's haters. Even if Lin Yan wanted to hire or bribe people, she would never choose them. Hence, these haters' comments aroused the curiosity of quite a handful of people. Soon, these posts began to get reposted on Weibo and the news spread around.
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