399 You Are Famous!

    Soon, the mountain of comments swelled substantially. It couldn't be suppressed by other haters or the people who were paid to post derogatory remarks.

    In the end, all the social media platforms, including the Meeting One's Match Weibo account, had been flooded by one particular post.

    This Weibo post only contained one word. 'Brilliant!'

    Three days ago, the movie had gone unnoticed. On the sixth day of its release, countless movie theaters had increased the number of screenings for Meeting One's Match.

    All of Lin Yan's haters had become moviegoers who contributed to the box office. The movie caused a huge sensation, and the box office experienced a substantial hike along with Lin Yan's popularity. It felt as if they were on a roller coaster ride, as the movie occupied the top spots of all the trend rankings...

    The entertainment industry was a magical, bizarre place. A second ago, one might be a nobody. A second later, one could become popular overnight.

    A second ago, she had been lambasted and criticized badly. A second later, she was praised by everyone!

    Lin Yan was asleep when the news broke out.

    A few days ago, the comments targeted at her had grown harsher and more vulgar. Zhao Hongling had feared that this might affect her and forbidden her to go online and read anything.

    Pei Yucheng had been busy at work, so Lin Yan stayed in the huge mansion alone, safe and quiet.

    She simply treated this period as a vacation.

    "Hello. Sister Ling, what happened?" Lin Yan asked sleepily.

    Before Zhao Hongling could utter a word, Duoduo yelled, "Granny! You are famous!"

    "Huh? Wasn't I famous to begin with?" Lin Yan was puzzled.

    "No, not infamous! You really became famous and popular! The internet is buzzing with how good your performance was! Because of you, the box office of Meeting One's Match has skyrocketed! Producer Feng called Sister Ling earlier. They want you to join the cast for the publicity campaign!" Duoduo sounded extremely excited.

    Lin Yan sounded as though she was finally awake. "They want me to join the publicity campaign?"

    How could Feng Anhua invite her when he had desperately hoped that she would vanish?

    Duoduo wasn't lying...

    It had crossed Lin Yan's mind that the reviews of the movie would improve. However, she had never expected such a drastic change.

    "Did Summit Entertainment do anything?" asked Lin Yan.

    Zhao Hongling replied, "Summit Entertainment said that they didn't do anything. It was your performance that saved the movie."

    "And Director Jiang Yiming, who insisted that the screening of the movie goes as planned," added Lin Yan.

    "Don't be so humble. Your acting was really good. The criticism earlier was directed at you because people had assumed that you can't act. That is really the fatal weakness of any actor. However, you have proved them wrong. They have witnessed it themselves."

    Zhao Hongling added, "Feng Anhua has no idea that I'm still your manager. He reached out to me because he couldn't manage to contact you. I didn't tell him anything yet.

    He is sincere about getting you to join the promotional activities and publicity campaign. It would be good for you to attend them."

    Lin Yan nodded and agreed readily. "Sure, Sister Ling. I'll leave it to you."
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