398 Praising Lin Yans Acting

    Even though everyone doubted these Weibo posts, curiosity still won out in the end. Many people were indeed intrigued and began to show interest in the movie, especially when the hater uploaded several photos.

    The first photo was a picture of Lin Yan in a black gown during her very first scene.

    Although it was a little blurry because the hater had snapped a photo of the screen, it didn't diminish Lin Yan's beauty.

    The second photo was one of Lin Yan and Wei Xufeng. The girl was holding a phone as she glanced affectionately at Wei Xufeng, yet there was no trace of emotion in her eyes.

    The last photo depicted Lin Yan sitting in the ward with Pei Nanxu. Her aura was captured in the photo itself.

    Earlier, the Meeting One's Match production team had removed Lin Yan's scenes completely from the trailer. Hence, no one had been given the chance to even glimpse how her character looked in the movie.

    Many people were astounded and flabbergasted after seeing those photos.

    'What the... Are my eyes playing a trick on me? Lin Yan is so beautiful in the movie! She fits the role of Lin Pianruo perfectly!'

    'Just her looks alone are sufficient. However, has her performance improved as well? How could it be as good as they claim?'

    'Why do I feel that Lin Yan and Wei Xufeng make a cute couple? Have I gone mad? I feel like watching it!'

    'Me too!'


    Many curious, interested fans went to watch the movie.

    The first batch of moviegoers were Lin Yan's haters.

    After these haters came out of the theater, almost everyone updated their social media about how good the movie was.

    Gradually, this attracted the attention of the critics. After they watched the movie, they reposted the review of the first critic who had watched the movie and agreed with him on how brilliant the movie was. They also remarked that this was a movie that had been overlooked.

    That night, the phrase that trended online and caught everyone's eye was 'Praising Lin Yan's acting'.

    The midnight screenings of Meeting One's Match were fully booked by curious moviegoers. Almost all the movie theaters received an overwhelming demand for more screenings.

    The comments of the people who had watched the movie first were like a little stream that gradually expanded into a powerful flood and overwhelmed forums, websites, and social media platforms.

    'I apologize for my derogatory remarks about Director Jiang Yiming. He is a really wise, impartial man. The role of Lin Pianruo undoubtedly belongs to Lin Yan! You may curse at me if you want to, but I shall not betray my conscience by praising Lin Yan!'

    'After watching Lin Yan's performance, I couldn't believe my eyes. Was that really Lin Yan? Her acting has improved by leaps and bounds! What happened to her in the past few months?'

    'I'm a fan of Wei Xufeng and I assumed that I would get disgusted by Lin Yan after watching her act with my darling. However, Lin Yan's acting was so good that I forgot that she was Lin Yan! It's a pity she didn't have more scenes!'

    'I'm a loyal fan of this novel, so I undoubtedly had high expectations for this movie. Hence, I was livid when I found out that Lin Yan would be portraying Lin Pianruo. I believed that my goddess would be tarnished by Lin Yan. However, after watching the movie, I want to thank Lin Yan for portraying Queen Lin Pianruo so perfectly!'

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