401 How Was She Supposed to Know That She Wasnt Supposed to Touch It?

    Lin Yan gazed at them helplessly, unable to make head or tail of the situation.

    She felt that her life was in imminent peril. Suddenly, a thought struck her instinctively.

    The way Pei Yucheng was staring at the cushion was exactly the same way he had stared at Pei Nanxu's poster...

    A moment later, Lin Yan hurled the cushion as far away as she could. She darted forward and hugged Pei Yucheng tightly before she said earnestly, "What a worn-out cushion! It's so hard and tough and uncomfortable! It must be made of a lousy material. A natural cushion is still the best..."




    The watch stopped beeping.

    Qin Huan and Xing Chen heaved a huge sigh of relief, as though they had just escaped from the gates of death.

    Pei Yucheng seemed to look more sober as he gazed tenderly at Lin Yan. "Are you hungry? What do you want to eat?"

    He acted as though nothing had happened. If his watch hadn't rung, Lin Yan would have thought that this had been just an illusion.

    Hearing Pei Yucheng's watch ring the alarm was one of the two things that Lin Yan was most afraid of right now. The second one was Pei Yucheng asking her if she was hungry.

    Lin Yan, who looked more terrified than she had earlier, hastily answered, "No, no! I'm not hungry! I've already eaten. You don't have to cook for me!"

    She pretended to be earnest, desperately trying to avoid eating his food.

    "Oh yeah. Mr. Pei, did you drink? You must be feeling unwell. Let me make some soup to help you sober up! Wait for me!" Lin Yan led Pei Yucheng to the couch.

    Hugging him and casting the cushion away had pleased him, so Pei Yucheng had completely calmed down and gone back to his usual gentle nature and good manners. "Thank you."

    Lin Yan replied, "You're most welcome!"

    'As long as you don't enter the kitchen, I can do anything!' Lin Yan added silently to herself.

    She pulled Qin Huan to a corner while Xing Chen spoke to Pei Yucheng. "Mr. Tulip, may I ask you what happened just now? What is wrong with the cushion?"

    "Miss Lin, I'm Qin Huan!" Qin Huan introduced himself and glanced at the cushion lying on the floor. "That is Second Young Master's cushion. Don't you know?"

    "Huh? It belongs to him? I had no idea! I thought it belonged to the house considering that it was on the couch," Lin Yan spluttered aloud.

    "I think a fan gave it to Second Young Master, so he cherishes it very much. He likes to bring it everywhere with him. Luckily, you threw it away in time..." Qin Huan gulped in fear.

    Lin Yan patted her chest to calm her pounding heart. How dare she hug Pei Yucheng's brother's cushion so tightly? She must have a death wish...

    Her beloved idol was really nice and sweet for cherishing something that a fan had given him! How could she insult this cushion? Sorry, idol! She had made a mistake!

    "This is still too dangerous, and this house is literally a minefield... I should ask Pei Yutang and Mr. Pei Nanxu about the things in the house... I shouldn't touch anything that I am not supposed to..." Lin Yan muttered inaudibly to herself.

    This house was huge. How was she supposed to know that she wasn't supposed to touch certain things?
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