402 Dont You Court Death!

    The most luxurious room in Pei Yucheng's mansion wasn't his bedroom, the study, the swimming pool, or the gym. It was the kitchen.

    The kitchen was spacious and contained an enormous refrigerator. There were all sorts of fresh ingredients and food inside. Cutlery and cooking utensils were also custom-curated.

    Pei Yucheng did seem as though he really liked cooking...

    Lin Yan found what she needed to make the soup and began to cook according to the recipe she found online.

    Actually, her cooking was quite dreadful, but it still reached an ordinary person's standards. There was no way her cooking could be compared to Pei Yucheng's hellish standards.

    Lin Yan shot constant furtive glances at the living room while she cooked.

    She had a hunch that 'Mr. Lollipop' seemed troubled today.

    What was his name again? Was it Xing Chen?

    Lin Yan peeked at them once more and saw that Xing Chen had finished talking to Pei Yucheng yet he lingered around as though he had something to say.

    Pei Yucheng raised his head when the young man didn't move. "What? Is there anything else?"

    Xing Chen looked as though the words had gotten stuck in his throat.

    Qin Huan shrewdly guessed what was about to happen and shook his head wildly before he mouthed, "Hey! Don't you court death..."

    Xing Chen concluded that Pei Yucheng seemed to be in a good mood that day. Hence, he took a deep breath and stepped forward. "Yes, Brother Yu. I have something to ask you."

    Qin Huan pressed his palm against his face when he heard Xing Chen and told him in a hushed whisper, "Xing Chen, are you out of your mind? Why would you make such a stupid mistake..."

    He tried to pull Xing Chen away as he spluttered, "Brother Yu, Xing Chen is fine... He is... tipsy and naggy! Don't listen to him!"

    Qin Huan turned to Xing Chen and firmly pulled his hand away.

    He wasn't Xing Chen's match in terms of strength so he had to let go.

    Xing Chen stood before Pei Yucheng and pleaded him pitifully. "Brother Yu, Xiaoyue has been punished long enough. Can you allow her to return? She can't continue to stay there anymore! If you do not..."

    "Xing Chen!" Qin Huan yelled desperately.

    Pei Yucheng continued to peruse the documents in his hand casually. "If I do not? What will happen then?"

    "Stop talking!" Qin Huan's forehead was dripping in sweat as he watched the indifferent, aloof man in trepidation.

    "If you do not... Xiaoyue will..."


    As Xing Chen spoke, Pei Yucheng, who had been reading a document, moved his right hand.

    Something hit Xing Chen's forehead and he collapsed onto the floor. His face was slightly contorted in pain.

    "Brother Yu..." Xing Chen was trembling all over as he gazed at Pei Yucheng, who looked as though he hadn't moved at all.

    "What will happen?" Pei Yucheng pressed on without looking at him.

    "Brother Yu... Xiaoyue..."


    This time, Xing Chen's body flew away like a broken kite. He smashed against a shelf nearby and books fell all over him.

    "If I do not, what?" Pei Yucheng asked casually as he adjusted his gold-framed spectacles.

    Xing Chen clammed up as he tried to stand up despite the pain.
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