403 Devoid of Emotion

    Qin Huan heaved a huge sigh of relief when Xing Chen finally shut his mouth.

    Others may not understand Pei Yucheng, but he knew him inside out.

    This man was devoid of emotion. He was like a robot with a set of predetermined functions. He was cold, aloof, and ruthless.

    If Xing Chen continued to be this thick... he might really die...

    Pei Yucheng would smash him to pieces!

    Even though Xing Chen had been with Pei Yucheng since he was a boy, Pei Yucheng wouldn't show him any mercy. That applied to Xiaoyue too.

    This man was terrifying. Even if he sat quietly far away looking harmless, just one look at him would make one shiver in fright.

    One should never try to use emotions to soften Pei Yucheng up. He had no emotions or feelings.

    Lin Yan furrowed her eyebrows tightly as she surveyed the situation.

    What was wrong with Xing Chen?

    In the living room, Pei Yucheng's eyes trailed to Xing Chen after he closed the document.

    Even though Pei Yucheng still looked gentle and stoic, his aura had left everyone trembling. It suffocated them, especially Xing Chen, who was perspiring badly.

    "What did you say earlier?" Pei Yucheng asked softly.

    Xing Chen and Qin Huan shuddered when they heard him.

    Qin Huan bit his lips and didn't dare to speak. If he did, Xing Chen would perish along with him!

    "Brother Yu... No... I didn't say anything..." Xing Chen muttered.

    Pei Yucheng replied softly, "Unless I'm wrong, Ling Yue still has two more years of punishment left."

    Xing Chen's eyes gleamed with hope when Pei Yucheng mentioned Ling Yue's name. He nodded furiously. "Yes, Brother Yu, but she can't do it anymore. Two years is too long a time!"

    Pei Yucheng seemed to be contemplating this. "Really?"

    His fingers were tapping the desk rhythmically. "In that case, increase it to ten years."


    Xing Chen froze as his body jerked. Disbelief was etched clearly in his eyes.

    Xiaoyue wouldn't be able to hold on any longer.

    Now, her punishment would be extended to ten years?

    What had he done? What had happened?

    He had brought this upon Xiaoyue...

    He had thought that Pei Yucheng would change because of this woman. Perhaps he would be less emotionless. Xing Chen discovered that he had been wrong all along...

    "Do you want to accompany her?" Pei Yucheng suddenly asked sharply.

    "Brother Yu... I..." Xing Chen stammered in a panic.

    He would rather die than go to that place. It was a laboratory filled with despair!

    "You haven't answered me." Pei Yucheng watched Xing Chen quietly.

    "No... I don't want to..." Xing Chen's breathing was hurried and anxious.

    "Leave," Pei Yucheng commanded him stiffly.

    Qin Huan grabbed Xing Chen and they both fled for their lives.


    Lin Yan watched as Qin Huan and Xing Chen hobbled past the kitchen. She peeked her head out and called out to them.


    "Damn it..."

    Qin Huan jumped in fright when her head popped out.

    "Miss Lin?" Xing Chen asked shakily.

    "Come here! Come in!" Lin Yan beckoned to them.

    "Why?" Qin Huan was puzzled.

    Lin Yan didn't explain as she pulled them into the kitchen.
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