404 How Could She Prioritize Money Over Her Life?

    "What happened just now?"

    Lin Yan shut the door behind her and scanned Xing Chen and Qin Huan's faces.

    She had stood too far away and only caught snippets of their conversation. Then, she had seen Pei Yucheng flaring up and the two of them fleeing for their lives. The thought of having to deal with a furious Pei Yucheng terrified her. She had to make sense of the situation first!

    "Oh. Nothing. Nothing happened. Miss Lin, you're too inquisitive. This isn't a good thing," replied Qin Huan.

    Xing Chen's eyes, on the other hand, glimmered with hope.

    "Miss Lin Yan... There is something you can help me with!" Xing Chen exclaimed in excitement.

    "Me?" Instinctively, Lin Yan pointed at herself, looking confused.

    "Xing Chen!" Qin Huan frowned in disapproval. "Are you mad? You could kill her!"

    "No, perhaps... Brother Yu will listen to her..."

    Lin Yan was a glimmer of hope and a savior in Xing Chen's eyes right now.

    "Xing Chen, you should be aware of what you should or shouldn't do. Miss Lin might not be aware of what Brother Yu is like. Both of us know and we understand him really well. If you continued to shoot your mouth off just now, I may have had to leave with your corpse today. Were you aware of this fact?" Qin Huan lectured him solemnly.

    Xing Chen unconsciously stroked his metal arm. He knew Pei Yucheng very well, but... this was also his last chance. He couldn't allow Xiaoyue to stay in that hellish place...

    "What is the matter?" Lin Yan scrutinized both Qin Huan and Xing Chen nervously.

    What could possibly kill them?

    "Miss Lin... Ling Yue, who is my friend, has been with Brother Yu since she was a girl. A few years ago, she made a minor mistake and was punished by Brother Yu." Xiaoyan gazed at Lin Yan earnestly.

    "If it was a minor mistake, it shouldn't be too serious, right? I think that Mr. Pei isn't that unreasonable," replied Lin Yan.

    "Not too serious?" The corners of Qin Huan's mouth twitched. "This fool tried to plead with Brother Yu and look at what happened in the end. Xiaoyue had two more years of punishment left, but her punishment was extended to ten years. Then, this fool ended up getting hurt."


    Lin Yan was shocked.

    Was it that serious?

    Was Pei Yucheng so emotionless and callous?

    "Miss Lin, I'm begging you. Can you help me plead with Brother Yu? Just... help me reduce the punishment to two years... That's all I'm asking for..." Xing Chen begged her in tears.

    Upon seeing the injuries on Xing Chen, Lin Yan looked hesitant.

    Xing Chen was Pei Yucheng's trusted aide, yet he had ended up like this after pleading with Pei Yucheng? Plus, Xiaoyue's punishment had been extended.

    Although she really wanted to help, it seemed that her hands were tied...

    "This... I really want to help, but even you couldn't change his mind. I only got to know Mr. Pei recently!" Lin Yan replied desperately.

    Xing Chen trudged on, "Miss Lin, as long as you promise to help me, I will do anything you want!"

    Lin Yan sighed in response. "It's not that I don't want to, but I can't..."

    "Or perhaps you can name a price!" Xing Chen offered.

    Lin Yan replied helplessly, "This isn't about money! How much are you offering?"

    Xing Chen was speechless...

    Qin Huan was speechless...

    Lin Yan wanted to slap herself when she snapped back to her senses. Was she out of her mind? How could she prioritize money over her life?
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