407 Racing Track Legend

    Other than Meeting One's Match, which had trended online for the past few days, a movie about racing had also created a buzz of anticipation.

    The producers had settled on a name for the movie: Legend.

    The filming of the movie Legend would be taking place in numerous countries. Other than confirming the locations of several famous racing tracks in the country, they had also announced that the Race Track's Grim Reaper, Yeva, would be in the movie as well.

    What had received the most attention was that the character of the Race Track's Grim Reaper was a Chinese female. Thus, it was highly likely that they would select an actress from this country.

    Actually, it didn't matter if the actress was from this country or another one. As long as the topic revolved around the Race Track's Grim Reaper, Yeva, it would be sensational.

    The news that Yeva was recuperating from her injuries broke out during this period. She wouldn't be giving any interviews, so Lang Mang would be selecting the actress personally.

    However, another piece of news broke out shortly: Lang Mang was busy preparing for his competition. Thus, he had assigned the task to his apprentice, who would be traveling with the production crew instead. He would be responsible for choosing the actress that would play the character of the Race Track's Grim Reaper.

    "Zhou Qiao?"

    Lin Yan stared at the photo of Lang Mang's apprentice and entered a reverie.

    Zhou Qiao had been discovered by Lang Mang in the third level of the international competition. He had sought her opinion first and gotten her approval before taking Zhou Qiao in.

    Zhou Qiao had good potential, so after being trained by Lang Mang, he had gotten great results several times in the second level of the international competition.

    However, Lin Yan had never met Zhou Qiao before.

    After being banned from competing, Lin Yan had cut any contact with her team and apprentices and returned to the country.

    She had wanted to put everything behind her, but she now realized that it wasn't easy to simply abandon the past.

    Racing had become a part of her life.

    Lin Yan was rather interested in the movie, and it should be easy to act as herself.

    Two actresses had currently been shortlisted for the character of the Race Track's Grim Reaper and garnered support from the masses.

    One of them was Lin Shuya, and the other was an actress from the first division of Summit Entertainment, Qiao Kexuan.

    Summit Entertainment had five divisions in total that differed in strength and assets. The first division was currently the strongest, as it included excellent artists like Qiao Kexuan and countless other popular artists. Even Pei Nanxu had been in the first division before.

    It was also rumored that Qiao Kexuan had an influential background and the Pei family was her backer. No one dared to oppose her at Summit Entertainment.

    Lin Yan naturally knew Lin Shuya, but she wasn't familiar with Qiao Kexuan.

    They had caused a buzz, as the producers of Legend had confirmed that these two actresses had been cast in two roles in the movie. As for the role of the Race Track's Grim Reaper, it was still unconfirmed.

    Legend had begun its promotional campaign and rolled out several publicity trailers. Promotional events were happening as well.

    Actually, regardless of whether she was biased or not, Lin Yan didn't want the role of the Race Track's Grim Reaper to fall into someone else's hands.

    Of course, she certainly wouldn't want Lin Shuya to portray her. As for Qiao Kexuan, she wasn't familiar with who she was.

    She did not want anyone to tarnish her reputation by ruining the character.
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