406 Its Swee

    "You're welcome... I should be doing this..."

    Lin Yan sat down next to him and carefully scooped a mouthful to feed Pei Yucheng.

    Pei Yucheng bent his head and took a sip.

    Although Lin Yan was aware that Pei Yucheng couldn't taste anything, she was still concerned about his opinion. "How is it?"

    The man peered at the girl as she waited eagerly and said gently, "It's sweet."

    Lin Yan was startled to hear his answer.

    It was sour. Besides, shouldn't he be unable to taste anything?

    "Huh? I thought you couldn't..."

    Pei Yucheng chuckled softly at the girl's puzzled expression. "I can't taste anything, but someone once said that sweetness makes a person happy."

    So he had assumed that everything she cooked would be sweet?

    Lin Yan's tiny little heart began to race wildly once more...

    This man was lethal when he lost control of himself. However, when he was calm, he was deadly too!

    "Oh. It's good that you like it..." Lin Yan's cheeks had turned crimson, so she changed the topic. "Oh yeah... Mr. Pei, there are so many things in this house. I'm not sure which things I can touch and which I can't.

    Do you want to tell me first about the things that I can't touch? Or perhaps any taboos that I should take note of? Otherwise, I might accidentally do something wrong..."

    Pei Yucheng listened quietly to her as he adjusted his spectacles. "As long as this house belongs to me, there isn't anything in it that you can't touch."

    He then added with a tiny grin before Lin Yan could respond, "Of course, that includes me."

    Lin Yan coughed violently and choked on her own saliva.

    She could touch Pei Yucheng...

    Stop that! How could she have such vile thoughts?

    Ever since she had been forced to be 'afraid' and stayed with him for a night, she had never crossed those boundaries again!

    After Lin Yan fed Pei Yucheng, she bade him goodnight and flew back to her room.

    The first thing she did was send a WeChat message to Pei Nanxu and Pei Yutang, asking about the forbidden items in the house that belonged to them. She had to prevent any similar incidents from happening again.

    Pei Yutang sent her a list, clearly stating some items that confused Lin Yan.

    Why would this kid even include the pair of smelly socks he had left behind under the couch?

    Why would she even touch that?

    She also noticed that Pei Yutang had changed his photo to a picture with the words, 'Wishing Big Brother and Big Sister-In-Law eternal bliss and happiness.'

    It was too eye-catching!

    Pei Nanxu also sent a list, clearly describing which items she needed to avoid. He also told her what time he would get home each day so that she could try to avoid him.

    This pair of brothers did express a strong desire to live...

    As for Xing Chen's request, Lin Yan decided to butter Pei Yucheng up first. That should ensure her safety.

    Xing Chen had given her his QQ number so that she could contact him. She typed, 'I'm waiting for the right time. Be patient.'

    Xing Chen replied, 'Sure, thank you, Miss Lin!'

    Lin Yan caught a glimpse of Xing Chen's name. He had gone so far as to change his name to 'Brother Yu and Sister-In-Law until the end of time!'

    Lin Yan was speechless...

    They all needed to stop...

    In typical dramas, when a poor, kind girl met an overbearing president, the plot always involved people objecting to their relationship.

    Why was the script of her life going in a different direction?
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