408 Gaining Fame And Popularity In Such An Absurd Way

    Earlier on, Lin Yan had researched Qiao Kexuan to find out more about her. This actress from Summit Entertainment was very popular and before she had debuted as an actress, she had been a racer in one of the national teams.

    After entering Summit Entertainment, they had used her occupation as a racer to build her persona and labeled her as tough, tenacious, and fierce. Hence, she had grown in popularity ever since her debut.

    As a result, a huge number of supporters wanted her to portray the Race Track's Grim Reaper and her popularity was on par with Lin Shuya's.

    Nevertheless, Lin Yan still hoped that she could portray herself in Legend.

    Suddenly, Lin Yan's phone rang.

    "Sister Ling." Lin Yan answered by greeting her.

    "Lin Yan, I've confirmed the promotional event with Director Jiang. It's tomorrow afternoon. I'll send you the details and venue later."

    "Okay, sure. Thanks, Sister Ling," Lin Yan replied with a smile.

    "Oh yeah." Zhao Hongling paused for a moment. "There will be another production crew at the event tomorrow."

    "Another production crew?"

    Lin Yan was puzzled when she heard Zhao Hongling.

    "Yeah, it's a huge production from abroad," replied Zhao Hongling.

    "A huge production from abroad... Sister Ling, are you referring to Legend?" asked Lin Yan.

    "Seems like you're aware of it. Even though Meeting One's Match has been dominating social media platforms, Legend has been a sensational topic as well. Anyway, Lin Shuya and Qiao Kexuan from Summit Entertainment will be present tomorrow as well, but their interview is after ours, so it won't clash with us."

    Zhao Hongling knew about Lin Shuya and Lin Yan's feud, so she wanted to inform her first. At least Lin Yan would be mentally prepared.

    "Okay, I understand." Lin Yan nodded.

    After hanging up, she continued to read up on the movie Legend.

    She had never expected that Meeting One's Match and Legend's promotional events would be on the same day and at the same venue.

    It certainly wasn't important to her.

    Lin Yan woke up just after dawn the next morning. She washed up and set off toward the venue.

    Lin Yan and Zhao Hongling went to the backstage room to get Lin Yan's makeup done.

    An hour later, Jiang Yiming and Feng Anhua reached the venue.

    "Ha ha! Lin Yan, I already said before that nothing can hide your talent! I was right, wasn't I?"

    Feng Anhua shot Lin Yan the brightest smile he could manage.

    Lin Yan's expression hardened slightly as she glanced at Feng Anhua. She couldn't recall hearing anything like that...

    Jiang Sifei sat a short distance away as she studied Lin Yan, who was the center of attention right now.

    Initially, she had wanted to wait until the whole fiasco with Lin Yan was over before stepping forward. She would get the production crew to delete Lin Yan's scenes before she began her promotion for the movie.

    However, who would have thought that this plan would fail so spectacularly and Lin Yan would gain fame and popularity in such an absurd way?

    What was more infuriating was that many moviegoers had commented that Lin Yan had eclipsed her in both looks and acting!

    How could she take this lying down?

    Were they all blind?

    In what way had Lin Yan stood out in her portrayal of Lin Pianruo?

    Jiang Sifei fumed to herself, as she was the one who had supported this movie with her acting!
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