409 Lusting After Young Master Weis Body

    Wei Xufeng was slumped comfortably on the couch as he stole glances at Lin Yan from time to time.

    He had been uninterested in any movie offers and promotional events recently. All he was curious about was how Lin Yan had managed to beat WW the other day.

    That was outrageous!

    Could it have been a fake competition?

    WW was one of the top national teams in the country. Even though they weren't the best, they wouldn't lose to the He family team.

    Wei Xufeng had a sudden impulse to march up to Lin Yan and ask her. However, he had no idea how he should broach the topic. He couldn't possibly ask her if it had been a fake competition.

    Although he couldn't figure out why WW would agree to a fake competition, there was no other plausible explanation...

    If that wasn't the case, how could Lin Yan have improved so much that she had been able to defeat a team like WW? Did she really think that she was the Race Track's Grim Reaper, Yeva?

    Suddenly, Wei Xufeng noticed that Lin Yan had also been glancing at him. He grew annoyed and irritated.

    "Why are you looking at me?" Wei Xufeng snapped sharply.

    Lin Yan eyed him as she replied, "How would you know that I was looking at you if you were not looking at me too?"

    That fellow had been staring at her the whole time. That was why she had looked back at him.


    Wei Xufeng glared at Lin Yan furiously and blurted eventually aloud, "What happened during the competition between WW and the He family team? What kind of tricks did you use? Even though you come from a racing family and had learned to race before, there is no way you could defeat WW all by yourself. That isn't possible."

    Lin Yan shrugged, looking unconcerned. "Perhaps WW was too weak..."

    That was because... she was their ancestor.

    Wei Xufeng's face darkened. "WW was weak?"

    How dare a member of the He family team put down WW? Was this woman joking?

    A sudden thought struck Lin Yan before she yelled, "Hey! Hold on! Young Master Wei, did you forget something?"

    Wei Xufeng frowned and hissed irritably, "What?"

    "I remember you vowing to run naked if I... won?" Lin Yan grinned slyly at him.

    Wei Xufeng's face hardened instantly at Lin Yan's words. "You shameless woman! You have finally revealed your true intentions! You have been lusting after my body!"

    Lin Yan was speechless...

    Her little fan's delusional disorder had grown worse...


    Soon, the promotional event of Meeting One's Match started and the movie's producers and team went up one after another.

    Pei Nanxu and Jiang Sifei, who were the main leads, also went up first. The host welcomed them with enthusiasm and asked them some questions about the filming process and their fond memories.

    Before today, they had abstained from bringing up Lin Yan at all. However, the host's questions today led them back to Lin Yan in one way or another.

    The event was broadcast live, and the host also selected several questions that popped up on the screen.

    Most of the comments currently came from Pei Nanxu's fans, who were declaring their love for him. The rest of the comments were asking about Lin Yan and Wei Xufeng's appearance.

    As for the female lead, Jiang Sifei, hardly any of the comments were directed at her. There was only a handful of comments that expressed disappointment in Jiang Sifei's role this time.
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