410 What Kind of Magical Couple Is This?

    'Am I the only one who thinks that Jiang Sifei's performance in this movie doesn't befit her award-winning actress title at all? She is merely there to act as a pretty face!'

    'You're not alone! Given Jiang Sifei's looks, I don't think she is fit to act as a pretty face. Lin Yan crushed her instantly!'

    'Earlier, I had a good impression of Jiang Sifei. I believed that she had been steady and serious in her acting career. After deserting her company, I think that she has totally changed! Even her face has changed! I reckon that she must have had a couple of surgeries to fix her face. Her original looks were so unique and classy. Now, she looks like any other influencer online. I have no idea how her brain works!'


    Jiang Sifei stole quick glances at the comments. Her face, which had indeed undergone some surgeries recently, turned even stiffer and more rigid.

    In the past, when she had been with Zhao Hongling, she had chosen to be a serious actress. Although she wasn't popular, she had been praised by the public. This was the first time she had been criticized so badly.

    "Our next guests are your beloved couple, Lin Pianruo and Fang Canyang! Let's welcome them!"

    Wei Xufeng and Lin Yan strode in from backstage after the host's introduction.

    The fans who were present, especially the novel's fans, screamed hysterically when they saw the couple. They also began to bombard the screen with comments.

    Lin Yan was wearing a simple black dress, whilst Wei Xufeng was dressed like his character, Fang Canyang. He had put on a white t-shirt and jeans, so he looked youthful and endearing.

    Both of them were a treat for the eyes as they strolled in.

    The fans who had previously lambasted Lin Yan for acting as Wei Xufeng's lover had become fans of the couple after watching the movie.

    Jiang Sifei had never expected that Lin Yan's popularity would explode with just a supporting role.

    "Ahhh! Pianruo! My goddess, Pianruo! You're so beautiful and lovely! I'm in tears!"

    "What kind of magical couple is this? They are brilliant!"

    "Thank you, thank you! As a novel fan, I want to kneel down and thank you!"


    Lin Yan wasn't quite used to fans cheering for her after being chided and criticized for so long.

    The fans who were watching the interview from the screens had flooded the screen with comments.

    'Who did Lin Yan's makeup and style? It's flawless! Why didn't I realize how pretty she is? Did she have plastic surgery?'

    'She has been down and out for so long that I reckon she doesn't have money for surgery! Besides, she gained attention for her looks when she first debuted! Did everyone forget the legendary photo where she leaned against the car? I don't think she fixed any of her features!'

    'I think it's not that she has succeeded with her current style. Her previous team must have been trash and given her dreadful style advice. Recently, she has become more natural, which is more pleasing. She looks good in casual, loose clothes!'

    This particular comment won the approval of other fans. The rest of the comments were talking about how eagerly everyone had been looking forward to seeing Lin Yan and Wei Xufeng together.

    Jiang Sifei fumed in silence as she watched Lin Yan dominate the entire interview.

    After the whole cast arrived on the stage, the host turned to Director Jiang Yiming and smiled. "Director, there were some hiccups at the beginning of this movie. The public and movie theaters weren't too supportive. In the end, the movie made a beautiful comeback and stunned everyone. Were you afraid or worried initially?"

    Jiang Yiming nodded and replied, "I would be lying if I denied that I was worried. However, I believe that a good production will always be appreciated by moviegoers."
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