412 My Boyfriend Is Watching Too

    Lin Yan was speechless...

    You want to watch?

    My boyfriend is watching too!

    She didn't have a death wish right now...

    "Seems like everyone loves this couple. What do the two of you think?" The host turned to Lin Yan and Wei Xufeng with a smile.

    Jiang Yiming stepped forward to intervene. "They don't have any deleted scenes. Everything was included in the movie. We have paid due respect to the author, so the script has been amended to follow the novel's plot closely."

    Soon, the event was about to end. The production crew of Meeting One's Match had just left, when a huge commotion took place near the entrance.

    "It's the production crew of the racing movie..." Wei Xufeng watched the group of people as he muttered to himself.

    Wei Xufeng had paid close attention to any production news about Legend.

    He was a racing enthusiast. Furthermore, Legend would also feature his goddess, Yeva. Hence, he was very interested in this movie.

    The movie team hadn't confirmed the actress that had been cast for the role of the Race Track's Grim Reaper. Hence, either Lin Shuya or Qiao Kexuan would be the one portraying the character.

    Even though Qiao Kexuan and Lin Shuya were good actresses and he was close to Lin Shuya in private, Wei Xufeng felt that they weren't suitable to portray Yeva.

    In fact, the actress who would play his goddess would be committing a blasphemy.

    "You also know about Legend?" Lin Yan's eyes trailed to Wei Xufeng as she whispered to him.

    Wei Xufeng hissed impatiently, "Of course. This movie includes my goddess. How could I not know?"

    Lin Yan clammed up. She had almost forgotten about his undying love for her.

    "This movie has finished filming overseas, and they are currently filming in our country. They are also hunting for the actress who will play Yeva." Wei Xufeng eyed Lin Yan as he said this.

    Lin Yan had been paying close attention to the movie's updates and news too. She understood that the movie's filming would be coming to an end. What was left were Yeva's scenes.

    Before Lin Yan could answer, a young man with short-cropped hair in a pale blue shirt strode in.

    This caused a commotion amongst the crowd instantly.

    He was a professional racer as well as Lang Mang's apprentice, Zhou Qiao.

    The crew of Legend had been unable to contact Yeva, so they had been forced to liaise with Lang Mang instead, hoping that he could give his insight into casting Yeva's candidate. However, Lang Mang needed to focus on his training, so he had asked his apprentice to help with the task instead. They had traveled here in hopes of searching for the right actress for Yeva's role.

    Other than Zhou Qiao, there were two other middle-aged men beside him. They were the director and producer of the movie.

    Lin Shuya was wearing a champagne-colored dress and looked graceful and elegant.

    Beside Zhou Qiao was another lady in a V-neck beige suit with a classy collar. The lady looked smart and sharp.

    Unlike Lin Shuya, Qiao Kexuan looked like an unyielding, tough queen. She didn't pale in comparison to Lin Shuya in terms of aura.

    When Lin Shuya's eyes roved over Lin Yan, who was surrounded by the crowd, her eyes flickered menacingly.

    Not long ago, Lin Yan had been as insignificant as an ant. In the blink of an eye, she had made a glorious comeback...
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