413 She Is the Person I Idolize the Mos

    "Sister, what a coincidence!" Lin Shuya erased all traces of menace from her eyes and darted forward with a smile.

    Before Lin Yan could answer, Wei Xufeng had interjected. "I heard that you are acting in Legend?"

    Lin Shuya turned to Wei Xufeng and answered sweetly, "Yeah, it has been confirmed."

    Wei Xufeng frowned at her answer. "Confirmed? What role are you portraying?"

    Lin Shuya looked conflicted. "We are not supposed to reveal that..."

    She then added swiftly, "But I don't mind telling you. It has been confirmed that Qiao Kexuan will be Lang Mang's girlfriend. I will be portraying another character, as the director feels that I'm more suitable for it."

    Lin Shuya shot a glance at Lin Yan deliberately as she spoke.

    Although she didn't reveal it, she had implied heavily enough what her role was.

    Legend included two roles that were still unconfirmed. One of them was Lang Mang's girlfriend, which had been confirmed to be Qiao Kexuan's role. Hence, Yeva's role would undoubtedly go to Lin Shuya.

    Although Lin Shuya didn't explicitly say that, it sounded as if it had been decided.

    Lin Yan raised her eyebrows in silence.

    Wei Xufeng seemed more agitated on the other hand. His eyebrows were furrowed tightly as he interrogated her sharply. "How could they decide on the actress so hastily? It's such an important role! Did they even research Yeva's background or her life?"

    Lin Shuya's expression faltered at Wei Xufeng's accusations. However, she maintained her usual composure and elegance as she replied sweetly, "Xufeng, I know that you like Yeva very much, but don't worry. The director has placed great emphasis on this role, and I've also prepared for it. If I really clinch it, I am confident that I won't disappoint anyone."

    Lin Shuya turned to Lin Yan with a smirk. "Sister, I know that you like racing as well. I'm sure you also idolize Yeva. I thought I spotted your name on the candidate list... Sister, do you want to act as Yeva as well?"

    Lin Shuya knew that Lin Yan had been banned from competitions and she had purposely brought up the topic. She wanted to make her hurt by mentioning Yeva and racing.

    "Idolize..." Lin Yan bowed her head and nodded. "Yeah! I do idolize her very much! She is the person I idolize and respect the most!"

    There was nothing wrong with idolizing herself, right?

    Wei Xufeng had an ugly expression on his face right now.

    Was there something wrong with her? How dare this woman dream of portraying Yeva!

    Even Lin Shuya would be a better choice!

    No! No one could act as Yeva!

    Wei Xufeng was about to rebut when his assistant pulled at his arm. "Brother Feng! We have to go! We still have another event to attend and we can't be late!"

    His assistant looked panicky, as his young master always acted rashly when it came to anything related to Yeva. He had openly expressed his doubts about the candidates and even criticized the production crew. Was he trying to cause trouble?

    Wei Xufeng scoffed coldly before he was led away unwillingly by his assistant.

    Lin Yan was about to leave when Lin Shuya suddenly whispered to her, "Sister, I heard that your movie was a hit! I haven't congratulated you yet!"

    She glanced at Lin Shuya and replied casually, "There is no rush. You will have plenty of opportunities to congratulate me in the future."

    Lin Shuya's eyes dimmed. "Ha! Sister, you are really naive... I hope that luck will always follow you..."
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