414 Do You Have a Boyfriend?

    In the backstage area...

    Lin Yan packed her bag and got ready to leave while Producer Feng Anhua ambled towards her with a bright smile.

    "Lin Yan! Hold on!"

    "Producer Feng?" Lin Yan stopped in her tracks. "What is the matter?"

    Feng Anhua quipped cheerfully, "Lin Yan, your movie was a hit and you played a huge part. I requested a huge red packet from the finance department! Go and check your bank account!"

    Lin Yan's eyes literally sparkled. "A huge red packet?"

    Feng Anhua nodded and said, "Yeah! It's a six-digit sum!"

    A six-digit sum? That would be at least 100,000 yuan!

    Lin Yan felt that Feng Anhua had become admirable all of a sudden. Grateful, she gushed, "Thank you! Thank you, Producer Feng! You're indeed my mentor in life and you possess an eye for talent! Without you, how could I have accomplished all this?

    You flatter me too much! I was merely doing my job. This movie has been a success because it had a wise, capable producer to helm the entire project! That's why the profits are rolling in every day!"

    Feng Anhua stood rooted to the spot. Her flattery had almost knocked him unconscious.

    Lin Yan had been very low-key on the set and had always kept to herself. To think that she was this eloquent!

    He obviously knew that Lin Yan was flattering him on purpose, but this still lifted his spirits.

    Although Feng Anhua had clamored to delete Lin Yan's scenes, she didn't have a vendetta against him. She was aware that a man like Feng Anhua would always sway to the side that benefited him. He wouldn't be an impartial or just man that expressed his own opinion.

    Lin Yan had started working at a tender age. As a result, she had experienced and gone through a lot and knew how to adapt to different situations.

    "Ha ha ha..." Feng Anhua roared with laughter. "Lass, you have a glib tongue!"

    He paused for a moment before he spoke again. "Oh yeah, Lin Yan. What are your future plans? I heard that you have terminated your contract with Star Entertainment. Who is managing you right now?"

    Lin Yan replied, "Yes, I have terminated my contract, but my manager is still Sister Ling."

    Feng Anhua nodded in approval. "Zhao Hongling is a rare manager with a heart and a conscience. You have better foresight than Jiang Sifei indeed."

    He paused again as he deliberated. "However, if you and Zhao Hongling don't belong to a company, the path ahead of you will be tough... According to my sources, the reason we received so many bad reviews and criticism before the movie even hit the screens was because of the masterminds who directed their attacks at you..."

    "Thank you, Producer Feng. I understand what you are saying." Lin Yan knew that Feng Anhua was warning her and she thanked him earnestly.

    Feng Anhua studied the girl and suddenly understood why Jiang Yiming had insisted on keeping her.

    He could tell that this girl wasn't simple. She wouldn't be content with her current achievements. If he were to give her a helping hand by connecting her with the right people, it would be as easy as lifting his hand.

    Hence, Feng Anhua asked, "Lin Yan, do you have a boyfriend?"

    Feng Anhua's abrupt question almost made Lin Yan sprain her waist. Lin Yan stammered anxiously, "Errr... I... don't have... Producer, why would you suddenly ask me this?"
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