417 Filled With Regrets

    Against this unusually powerful attack, Lin Yan almost succumbed to the lure of money and blurted 'I do'.

    Luckily, she snapped back to reality at the last moment...

    Lin Yan muttered inaudibly under her breath, "No, no, no way! As the saying goes, while wealth is covetable for a gentleman, one should earn it ethically! I can't reap without sowing anything!"

    Pei Yucheng overheard the girl's words and lifted her hand gently. Then, he said tenderly, "Miss Lin, you're quite wrong. You have a right to use this method."

    The man's voice was seducing her, and Lin Yan could hardly resist. The barrier she had just built crumbled instantly. He had brainwashed her effortlessly, and she felt that there was nothing wrong...

    If she married him, she could naturally do that...

    Fortunately, Zhao Hongling's call interrupted this conversation and saved her.

    "Err... Someone is calling... I need to answer..."

    Lin Yan acted as though a burden had been lifted off her shoulders. She sprang to her feet and scuttled to a corner. "Hello, Sister Ling! Yeah, it all went smoothly. You don't have to fetch me... I can get back myself."

    "I've received several offers and scripts recently. I will read through them before I shortlist any for you. You can take a look then."

    "Okay, okay! No problem! Thanks, Sister Ling!"


    At the same time, in Du Pengsheng's office at Star Entertainment...

    Du Pengsheng, who was browsing some forums, saw that Lin Yan occupied the top rankings. Due to rave reviews that had been published in a matter of days, Meeting One's Match also currently ranked at the top of the box office.

    Lin Yan's value had increased several times as a result.

    Without a doubt, offers had to be lining up for her.

    Given Lin Yan's current popularity, she could definitely reap a massive amount of money!

    Du Pengsheng's expression turned ugly at the thought of Lin Yan making it big. Gao Zhiwei and An Qianqian were equally somber as they stood in the middle of the office.

    "Gao Zhiwei, you vowed to me that Lin Yan would never make it and agreed to her termination. Now, you have allowed our cash cow to escape! Give me an explanation!" Du Pengsheng bellowed as he slammed a pile of papers on Gao Zhiwei's head.

    Gao Zhiwei was currently filled with regrets.

    If he hadn't agreed to terminate Lin Yan's contract, she would still have been his artist. Then, he would have been able to reap a lump sum thanks to Lin Yan's popularity.

    He had used so many connections to help An Qianqian get funding, yet the results couldn't be compared to the amount of attention Lin Yan's supporting role had attracted.

    An Qianqian was furious and jealous at the same time.

    She had originally wanted Lin Yan to entertain that investor on her behalf. Who would have thought that she would make it big overnight?

    Even an advertising company that had initially wanted her to be their new ambassador had turned to Lin Yan instead.

    The more Du Pengsheng thought about it, the more livid he felt. "It was just seven days away! Why didn't I wait till the three months were up? Gao Zhiwei, I kicked Zhao Hongling out and got you to take her place. Is this what you're capable of? I think you couldn't even be compared to Zhao Hongling's little finger! You useless fellow!"

    How could Du Pengsheng foresee that the D-list artist under Zhao Hongling would make it?

    If they had stuck to the original bet and waited out the three months, Zhao Hongling would have been number one in sales thanks to Lin Yan's popularity.
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