418 Did I Become Rich Today?

    It was a pity that Gao Zhiwei had been so eager to kick Zhao Hongling out. Du Pengsheng couldn't be bothered to keep Zhao Hongling and Lin Yan, whom he had deemed worthless. Hence, the cash cow had escaped...

    In just a few more days...

    The entire industry would be waiting to see him fall and mock his failure for getting rid of a gem. He had terminated the contract with Lin Yan at this juncture and lost so much money as a result. How could he not be furious?

    To make things worse, they had made an official announcement, stating that they had terminated the contract with Lin Yan. How would they be able to rectify things now?

    Gao Zhiwei, who had been scolded badly by Du Pengsheng, bowed and bent his back. "President Du, calm down! So what if Lin Yan became popular now? She has no backers or company, and no big company would want her! It would be easy for me to crush her like an ant. I have everything under control. Please be rest assured. I have a plan to get her back!"

    Du Pengsheng sneered coldly. "You better!"

    Menace and determination flitted across Gao Zhiwei's eyes. He had met too many artists like Lin Yan. There was no way he would allow her to escape from him. Never!

    He wasn't as kind or righteous as Zhao Hongling. He would never have let Jiang Sifei off so easily...


    At Cloud Manor...

    Lin Yan asked Zhao Hongling and got her approval to go online.

    It had been several days since she had last checked her Weibo. The first thing she did was update it with her usual post. 'Did I become rich today? Nope.'

    In the past, each of Lin Yan's Weibo posts would receive hundreds of comments, but every single one would be a negative comment.

    After the Weibo post was updated, the comments rushed in.

    'What the... Sister, we have waited for days for you to update your Weibo! Why did you make the same post again? Can you post something new?'

    'I'm looking forward to photos from the movie! Shouldn't you seize this opportunity to release some?'

    'Ahem... How badly does Lin Yan want to get rich? Her account features the same post every day! Even when we criticize her, she pretends not to see it. She has never replied to any of our comments!'

    She was also indifferent when someone cursed her to never have a man in this lifetime.

    In the end, someone cursed her to never become rich. She reacted immediately and commented...

    'Ha ha ha... Have all of you realized that Lin Yan changed so drastically a few months ago? She has been let loose!'

    'I heard that her previous assistant used to do everything on her behalf. After her assistant quit, she began to take charge of her own affairs.

    Look at the live interview today, when the host interviewed her. Actually, she is quite likable. Furthermore, all the questions were selected on the spot, so she didn't have time to prepare beforehand. She answered everything on her own...'


    Because the movie received positive feedback, Lin Yan's Weibo account received fewer negative comments. Instead, she received more positive and encouraging ones.

    Of course, there was still a bunch of haters who loathed her to their very core.

    'She merely portrayed a supporting character! Her part lasted just a few minutes. Why are people praising her?'

    'She has gotten into a scandal with our beloved award-winning actor, followed by Wei Xufeng and Han Yixuan. Isn't she a sl*t? A leopard will never change its spots!'
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