419 Unable to Agree

    Meanwhile, in the master bedroom next to her room...

    The night lamp lit the room as Pei Yucheng stood quietly in front of the window.

    Today, he had been too anxious and impatient...

    The more he had, the more he wanted. He had gotten so far as to dream of hearing her say 'I do' willingly...


    The next evening, Star Entertainment cooked up an excuse and said that the contract included some kind of details that needed to be ironed out so that they could meet up with Lin Yan and Zhao Hongling.

    They met in Gao Zhiwei's office.

    His secretary greeted Lin Yan and Zhao Hongling cheerfully and served them snacks and tea.

    Gao Zhiwei's attitude had undergone a drastic change compared to the day he had chased them away.

    "Lin Yan, take a seat! Sister Ling, have a seat too! Have a taste of this Longjing tea!" Gao Zhiwei beamed from ear to ear as he spoke.

    An Qianqian acted swiftly too by being eagerly attentive and polite. "We had an unpleasant encounter that day. Frankly speaking, Brother Wei has been feeling bad about it. However, we are a family, so it's normal for us to squabble! We have worked together for so many years, and home is always the best!"

    Gao Zhiwei chimed in, "Qianqian is right! It's tough for two ladies like you to survive out there alone. Why don't you come back to the company? We can always discuss the terms!"

    Lin Yan and Zhao Hongling exchanged a glance, as they had predicted this. Indeed, Gao Zhiwei wanted them to come back to the company.

    Lin Yan slumped against the couch and drawled lazily, "Oh? In that case, Director Gao, what kind of terms are you offering?"

    Gao Zhiwei thought that they had a chance when he heard Lin Yan. He immediately grinned and replied, "As long as you return and sign a contract with us, Lin Yan, you can be directly managed by me! As for Sister Ling, she can be my assistant, as we have already discussed. I will pay you twice the regular salary!"

    Lin Yan listened to Gao Zhiwei and almost burst into laughter. He sounded as though they were the ones who had gotten the better end of the bargain.

    The terms had hardly changed. He still wanted her to be managed by him so that he could use her to make money. Sister Ling would still be his assistant. The only difference was that they would get a few more thousand yuan.

    He hadn't shown a single ounce of sincerity despite claiming that he wanted to discuss with them.

    Zhao Hongling turned gloomy and solemn when she heard him. "Was this President Du's idea?"

    Gao Zhiwei looked slightly annoyed. "I am in charge of the artist department. President Du will go along with my decision!"

    Lin Yan scoffed aloud at the thought of what an idiot Du Pengsheng was.

    Star Entertainment had been managed by Gao Zhiwei for merely a few days, yet he had already made a mess. Discontent had been openly voiced, yet he still allowed Gao Zhiwei to manage everything.

    Initially, she had thought that Du Pengsheng would come to his senses and invite Zhao Hongling back personally. To think that he hadn't even shown up and he continued to act all high and mighty...

    However, she couldn't blame him for being so unbridled.

    Although she had become popular, this was temporary. Her tainted image had been deeply-rooted, and big companies wouldn't want her. Other smaller companies would be hesitant, so she would have limited options.

    They had already guessed that she and Zhao Hongling would be 'homeless'. Hence, they pretended to act generous and forgiving.

    Zhao Hongling knew that there was no way this discussion could continue. "Sorry, Director Gao, but we cannot agree to your terms."
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