420 We Have Signed With Another Company

    Menace and anger flitted past Gao Zhiwei's eyes. "What? Are the terms not good enough? Sister Ling, you have been in this industry for years. You should be aware that Lin Yan is lucky that I'm willing to take in an artist like her, who has such a tainted image!

    Do you really believe that she can make it to the top and be amongst A-list artists with a supporting role? Sister Ling, are you seriously that naive? The public is always fickle-minded and its attention is diverted swiftly. Without a company to back her up, she will fall back to where she was a week ago!"

    Zhao Hongling did not wish to argue with Gao Zhiwei. "Lin Yan has signed with another company. It's a pity that you're too late, Director Gao," concluded Zhao Hongling.

    Gao Zhiwei, who had initially wanted to use both flattery and power to make them succumb to him, stood on the spot, looking baffled. "What did you say? She signed with another company?"

    Zhao Hongling replied curtly, "Yes."

    An Qianqian was shocked. "That fast? How is it possible?"

    It had only been a week since Lin Yan had terminated her contract. Her popularity had grown merely days ago. How could she have signed with another company so quickly?

    A contract would usually take at least two weeks, including the discussions of terms.

    Gao Zhiwei didn't believe them. "Zhao Hongling, do you think I'm an amateur? How could you sign a contract within a few days?"

    "Director Gao, it's none of your business which company we have signed with," Lin Yan answered with a smile and stood up. She wound her arm around Zhao Hongling and said, "Goodbye, Director Gao."

    Gao Zhiwei tore away his mask instantly. "Lin Yan! Don't you act all smug and arrogant! You better consider this carefully. Don't blame me for not warning you in advance. Star Entertainment isn't a place you can leave and return to any time you like!"

    Lin Yan, who wasn't bothered, led Zhao Hongling out of the office.

    After they left Star Entertainment, Zhao Hongling massaged her temples, looking weary.

    Lin Yan noticed this and asked in a concerned tone, "Sister Ling, are you alright?"

    Zhao Hongling shook her head. "I'm just worried that Gao Zhiwei will do something to you. He is known for being unscrupulous and cunning. Many artists who have tried to leave in the past were also sabotaged by him..."

    Lin Yan grinned, looking unruffled. "Sister Ling, did you forget who our new backer is?"

    Zhao Hongling was momentarily startled before she chuckled. "Summit Entertainment... I forgot..."

    Gao Zhiwei only had a few petty tricks that could be used to tackle artists with no backers. They were different, as they had Summit Entertainment's support. What could he possibly do to Summit Entertainment?

    "I will call to inform the leader about our situation. We should play it safe," Zhao Hongling said.

    "Okay! You've worked hard, Sister Ling!"


    Gao Zhiwei acted faster than Lin Yan had expected.

    Two nights later, a rumor about Lin Yan had hit the trending forum spots. Due to Lin Yan's recent overwhelming popularity, it had hit number one on the search rankings in a day.

    The headline of the article was eye-catching: Lin Yan was rejected after offering her body!

    This gossip had been fabricated by the director of Star Entertainment's artist department, Gao Zhiwei, who had made a Weibo post.

    Gao Zhiwei had typed, 'Miss Lin Yan, please conduct yourself with dignity. Our company and I will not condone any form of prostitution or inappropriate behavior. Although you're popular now, the artists that Star Entertainment recruits go through a stringent assessment. That's all I have to say. Please take note.'
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