422 The Rumors Would Disintegrate Instantly

    Gao Zhiwei's smug, pleased voice traveled to their ears. "How is it going? Lin Yan, have you thought about it? Do you want to talk with me again?"

    Lin Yan chuckled and feigned ignorance. "Director Gao, I don't understand. Talk about what?"

    Gao Zhiwei sneered coldly. "Lass, are you trying to record our conversation? Don't even think of trying to trick me! You're too young!"

    He paused as though he was contemplating. "Lin Yan, I shall give you three more days. Don't blame me for not giving you a chance."

    Gao Zhiwei hung up without a second word.

    His intentions had been obvious. If Lin Yan agreed to go back to him, he would step forward to clarify the rumors. He would probably claim that it had been just a misunderstanding.

    If Lin Yan refused to comply, this blotch would follow her for a lifetime.

    Dating scandals weren't as serious as this. This blotch would taint an actress's career forever.

    If Gao Zhiwei refused to clarify, Lin Yan would be destroyed.

    Duoduo stared at the phone for some time before she anxiously told Lin Yan and Zhao Hongling, "Sister Yan, Sister Ling! What should we do now? Why are the two of you so composed?"

    Although she was just an assistant, she had seen this happen before. She knew how destructive and lethal this sort of rumors could be for an actress.

    Gao Zhiwei was really unscrupulous!

    Lin Yan chuckled as she glanced at the young girl. "That's because Gao Zhiwei is an idiot!"

    Duoduo was bewildered. "What?"

    Zhao Hongling explained to Duoduo patiently, "Gao Zhiwei claimed that Lin Yan went to look for him because she wanted to go back to the company, but in fact... Lin Yan signed with Summit Entertainment a week ago.

    Why would an artist who has signed with Summit Entertainment beg Gao Zhiwei, who works for a tiny company like Star Entertainment?"

    Duoduo was enlightened after hearing Zhao Hongling. "That's right! Sister Yan is managed by Summit Entertainment. Why did I forget this?"

    She became visibly excited. "No wonder Sister Yan said that Gao Zhiwei was an idiot! He is really a fool! He never imagined that you would really sign with another company! To top it off, it's Summit Entertainment! I can't wait to see the expression on Gao Zhiwei's face when the truth comes out!"

    Zhao Hongling was a prudent, cautious person by nature, so she didn't gloat. "I need to make a trip to Summit Entertainment now and talk with the leader about our plans. As long as they announce that Lin Yan has signed with Summit Entertainment, the rumors that Gao Zhiwei has created will disintegrate instantly!"

    Duoduo nodded fervently. "Yeah! That's right!"

    Zhao Hongling reminded Duoduo and Lin Yan sternly, "Before I confirm anything with Summit Entertainment, both of you are to behave."

    She had just signed with Summit Entertainment, so she wasn't too clear about their operation and policies. Furthermore, she had only met the leader of their division, Chi Sheng, once.

    She wasn't entirely sure about Summit Entertainment's stance towards Lin Yan.

    Although Lin Yan was one of Summit Entertainment's artists now, they actually managed countless famous and popular artists. She couldn't be certain that Summit Entertainment would step forward to defend Lin Yan.

    Based on her prior experience, companies weren't interested in artists who were a burden to them. Chi Sheng's division had many other artists too, so he had to be stretched thin...
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