421 Im Trending Again!

    Gao Zhiwei's Weibo post had just been updated when the paparazzi released photos of Lin Yan entering Gao Zhiwei's office late at night.

    Then, Gao Zhiwei's Weibo post exploded with comments.

    'F*ck! What did I just see? Isn't this Lin Yan's previous company manager? Does he mean that... Lin Yan offered herself to him?'

    'Ha ha ha... Isn't he being clear enough? She has been rejected after offering herself!'

    'Oh, my god! This is really gross! I thought that the character of Lin Pianruo had turned Lin Yan's haters into fans. Now, it's like we have been instantly fed a spoonful of sh*t!'

    'That's why I said Lin Yan will never change! She really did such a thing!'


    Because Lin Yan's image and reputation were already horrible to begin with, almost everyone online believed Gao Zhiwei's words. After all, he had posted this on his official account.

    People had just changed their mindset about Lin Yan, but it all turned into a sea of criticism again. In fact, everyone was even more malicious and savage than before.

    On the other hand, Star Entertainment had earned praise for being impartial and just.

    In Zhao Hongling's apartment...

    Lin Yan shook her head helplessly as she read the criticism with a sigh. "I'm trending again!"

    Duoduo almost smashed her phone in a huff. "What the... Gao Zhiwei is despicable! Sister Yan, you refused to go back and he stooped to this method to stab you! He is out to destroy you!"

    What worried Zhao Hongling the most had happened. She had expected Gao Zhiwei to act but had underestimated how petty and despicable he was.

    The truth was that he had tried to get Lin Yan back to the company, but she had declined. To think that he would distort the truth and accuse Lin Yan of offering her body!

    "What is An Qianqian talking about? How could she be evil enough to help him? Why are they so shameless?" Duoduo clicked on a video of An Qianqian being interviewed.

    In the video, a reporter asked An Qianqian about her thoughts on Lin Yan's most recent scandal.

    The reporter said, "Miss An, Lin Yan and your manager, Gao Zhiwei, have been embroiled in a scandal. Have you heard of it? Are those rumors true?"

    An Qianqian pretended to act helpless and sighed. "I can't comment much on this. Lin Yan did express her wish to come back to the company. After all, she would have a hard time signing with another company. She must have been really desperate! I didn't think that she would resort to such means..."

    An Qianqian may have sounded as though she hadn't answered the question, but she had implied that Lin Yan had indeed done that.

    After An Qianqian's answer, the public was even more convinced. As a result, the criticism online escalated and any positivity towards Lin Yan vanished.

    Gao Zhiwei's Weibo post, the paparazzi photo, and An Qianqian's interview made it apparent that he had planned this.

    Lin Yan was reading a news article about herself when her phone rang suddenly.

    She glanced at Zhao Hongling and said, "It's Gao Zhiwei..."

    Zhao Hongling replied, "Answer it and listen to what he has to say."

    Hence, Lin Yan answered and clicked on the speaker button. "Hello?"
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