423 Lets Admire Your Big Brothers Cooking

    "Alright, Sister Ling. If there is nothing else, I'm going home," replied Lin Yan.

    Zhao Hongling stood up to see her off. "Okay, be careful on the way back. And do take extra care when you head out in the next few days. Where are you staying right now? Is it safe there?"

    Lin Yan coughed gently. "Errr... I'm still staying at my original apartment. The place is safe!"

    She reckoned that there could be no safer place than the one she was currently staying at...

    Zhao Hongling nodded. "Alright then. Recently, the production team has given you quite a substantial sum as an incentive. You can consider getting a car for your daily commute. That would be safer too."

    Lin Yan replied readily, "I share the same sentiment. I will check it out soon!"

    Duoduo's expression contained a plethora of emotions.

    Sister Yan wanted to drive?

    Wasn't that more dangerous?

    She hadn't forgotten that Lin Yan had raced to shake off the paparazzi the previous time...


    After the conversation with Zhao Hongling, Lin Yan returned to Cloud Manor and spotted Pei Yucheng in the kitchen.

    She swallowed her saliva nervously as she scurried over to him. "Ahem... Mr. Pei... Are you... cooking?"

    Pei Yucheng replied, "Yeah. What do you want to eat?"

    Lin Yan was speechless...

    Why would he think of cooking again?

    God, help!

    Why did Pei Yucheng enjoy cooking so much?

    He was the boss. Shouldn't he have other interests?

    He could play golf instead or fly a private jet or yacht! That would fit his style!

    She had realized after staying for a couple of days that Pei Yucheng's lifestyle was really mundane and simple. After work, he would stay at home.

    Other than exercising and swimming, his only interest was cooking and researching all sorts of deadly cuisines...

    Indeed, no man was flawless. Her celestial boyfriend had a deadly flaw too!

    To make things worse, Pei Nanxu had never once come home during dinner time. Pei Yutang, who would sometimes sneak back home, had never appeared during meal times either. Hence, Lin Yan could only suffer alone.

    Actually, she wanted to escape, but a task had been assigned to her. She had promised Xing Chen to find an opportunity to plead for his friend, Ling Yue.

    Lin Yan had no choice but to come back home obediently. She even had to help Pei Yucheng as he cooked.

    Soon, a sumptuous feast was ready on the table.

    Lin Yan whipped out her phone and took a photo of the food after finding the best angle.

    Pei Yucheng noticed that and glanced at her.

    Lin Yan hastily explained as she coughed. "Errr... Mr. Pei, the food that you've cooked looks really good! It's practically art! I wanted to take a photo to keep it as a fond memory. A fond memory... Ha ha..."

    Pei Yucheng traipsed back to the kitchen to get the soup. Lin Yan added Pei Nanxu and Pei Yutang to a WeChat group swiftly.

    This Car Isn't Going To Kindergarten replied, 'Ahhh! Big Sister-In-Law, why did you add us to the group chat?'

    Pei Nanxu typed, 'Big Sister-In-Law, what happened?'

    Lin Yan had sent the photo of the food to them, along with a smiley emoticon.

    Misty City Amid The Setting Sun replied, 'Nothing happened. I just wanted both of you to admire your brother's cooking too.'

    This Car Isn't Going To Kindergarten was speechless...

    Pei Nanxu was speechless...
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