426 Helping Her in a Thoughtful and Considerate Manner

    Lin Yan was speechless...

    She had a hunch that if she kept staying there, she would succumb to this artillery that was coated in sweetness!

    She couldn't!

    She had to calm down and take a deep breath!

    Lin Yan stuffed a mouthful of food into her mouth desperately. As a result, she really calmed down...


    Three days later...

    The movie festival of the capital city was taking place. Meeting One's Match had been nominated for several awards, including the best male actor, best director, and best script. Lin Yan's popularity had been growing because of the character of Lin Pianruo, so she had been invited too.

    Usually, the guests would enter in pairs. However, Lin Yan was embroiled in a scandal, so no one was willing to be seen with her.

    Pei Nanxu smiled as he opined, "This movie is the result of everyone's hard work. Let's all go in together!"

    Pei Nanxu was supposed to be entering with the female lead. However, since he had made a logical suggestion, no one objected.

    Feng Anhua naturally went along with Pei Nanxu's suggestion. "He is right, let's go in together."

    Jiang Yiming nodded and agreed. "Sure."

    Lin Yan knew that Pei Nanxu was worried that she might feel awkward. However, he couldn't go in with her, so he had come up with this idea instead. She nodded at him gratefully.

    Jiang Sifei's face fell. She wanted to object, but she clammed up after Jiang Yiming and Feng Anhua agreed.

    The second female lead grumbled under her breath as she strode over in a canary gown. "Why do we have to go in with her? Who knows how many men she has slept with? She might even have gotten this role with her body too! I can't stand the thought of standing beside this filthy woman..."

    Jiang Sifei maintained her elegance as she replied, "Since Mr. Pei said so, let's go in together."

    She had thought this through. She had no reason to be mad at this woman. After all, she would be kicked out of the entertainment industry in no time!

    "I really don't understand why Mr. Pei takes such good care of Lin Yan. She is a scheming sl*t that pounces on any man she sees..." The actress unwillingly dragged her feet after them.

    "Next, we have the cast of Meeting One's Match..."

    As the host announced their arrival, Pei Nanxu, Lin Yan, and the others stepped on the red carpet.

    The cast garnered attention and interest the moment they walked on the red carpet. However, most of the whispers were directed at Lin Yan.

    After all, people were naturally inquisitive and curious, especially when it came to this sort of juicy scandals...

    "She has been criticized so badly online, yet she appeared today!"

    "She is really thick-skinned! Of course she would be here! She even offered to sleep with her manager just to return to the company. What a b*tch!"

    "The funny thing is that she was rejected! That was so embarrassing! If I were in her shoes, I would retire from the entertainment industry immediately! Did you hear that the director of Star Entertainment would be here today? Do you think they will tear each other apart later?"


    Soon, all the guests entered the venue.

    Meeting One's Match successfully became the biggest winner by sweeping all the awards it was nominated for.

    "The best actor award goes to..." The host glanced at the screen and declared, "Meeting One's Match! Congratulations, Pei Nanxu!"
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