425 Did You Smear Honey On Your Lips?

    Instinctively, Lin Yan turned to steal a glance at Pei Yucheng.

    The man looked like his usual self, stoic and cold. There was nothing unusual about him. It seemed as though that fleeting chill had been an illusion.

    Pei Yucheng asked, sounding nonchalant, "Do they usually... scold you like this?"

    Lin Yan scratched her head. "Actually, most of them are merely followers who sway according to the wind. It's fine, I've gotten used to it..."

    "Gao Zhiwei... Is he the manager of your ex-company?" Pei Yucheng stared at the name on the screen as he asked this.

    This boss, who managed a massive international conglomerate, was incredibly asking about a minor matter that had happened to an artist at a tiny company. This made Lin Yan feel overwhelmed.

    Lin Yan hurriedly answered, "Yeah, he replaced Sister Ling as director. After Sister Ling and I left, he tried to get us back when the movie became a success.

    I'm already managed by the company under you, so of course I didn't agree. I rejected him without hesitation! He is trying to coerce me into changing my mind."

    When Pei Yucheng heard her say 'I'm already managed by the company under you, he curled his lips into a faint smile. "How do you plan on resolving this?"

    Lin Yan answered swiftly, "Actually, the solution is easy. I have signed with Summit Entertainment, which is the most awesome company of this industry. Why would I want to return to a small company like Star Entertainment? He even claimed that I wanted to sleep with him. That doesn't make sense at all!

    So long as Summit Entertainment announces that I've signed with them, the rumors will be squashed instantly!"

    Pei Yucheng listened quietly to Lin Yan and nodded after some time. "Do you need my help?"

    Lin Yan spluttered, "Huh? You can help... me?"

    Pei Yucheng quipped, "I can make a public official announcement."

    Lin Yan coughed violently once more.

    Was he kidding?

    Pei Yucheng wanted to make a public official announcement?

    What kind of public official announcement was that?

    Was he thinking of using his Weibo account as 'JM Corporation's President Pei Yucheng' to make a public official announcement?

    Wouldn't that cause an earthquake in the entertainment industry?

    Lin Yan waved her hands in a wild, frantic manner. "No, don't! Please don't do that!"

    "Why?" Pei Yucheng raised his eyebrows.


    Did he have no inkling of what would happen?

    Lin Yan looked aggrieved. "This... I mean... How should I explain this..."

    Why would she use an ox cleaver to kill a pig?

    However, using this to describe the boss was too degrading...

    Thus, Lin Yan's face was screwed up in concentration as her mind raced. "This is like using the green dragon crescent blade to slice vegetables. Or wielding a heavenly saber to cut an apple... It's like using the king's seal to smash a walnut. It's inappropriate in any case! A man like him... doesn't deserve that! Even if you want to help me, I wouldn't bear to use you!"

    Pei Yucheng listened to the girl and chuckled in amusement, especially when she said that she couldn't bear to use him. "Did you smear honey on your lips?"

    Lin Yan blinked innocently as she widened her eyes. "No, I didn't! This comes from the bottom of my heart!"

    Pei Yucheng tilted his head to study the girl. His eyes twinkled with a smile as he gazed into her eyes. Without warning, he moved forward slowly towards the girl...

    As the girl's eyes grew wider, he kissed the corners of her mouth gently...

    The man's hoarse, deep voice echoed in her ears. "It's obviously sweet..."
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