428 I Dont Have Any Reason to Do Tha

    "Earlier on, I heard that many people praised Lin Yan's performance in Meeting One's Match. Initially, I was rather skeptical. However, after watching the flashback today, I was indeed blown away! No wonder she has been so popular recently!" an actor exclaimed.

    An actress in a yellow gown expressed her disdain. "It's a pity, though. Regardless of how much her acting has improved, her character remains horrible. How dare she seduce a married man? She is smearing the reputation of all artists! I feel ashamed to say that I've acted in a production with her!"

    The actress was the second female lead in Meeting One's Match. She was peeved, as Lin Yan had stolen her thunder. She and Jiang Sifei had openly expressed their contempt for her.

    When Lin Yan had hit the headlines with her scandal, she had been the first to gloat. She had even reposted Gao Zhiwei's Weibo post and lamented that morals were degenerating with each passing day. She had also made specious comments leading to speculation that Lin Yan had been sleeping around.

    Lin Yan was standing a short distance away, yet this actress had no intention of stopping. She purposely wanted Lin Yan to hear her.

    Lin Yan seemed quite unruffled as she remained quiet.

    "Indeed, she does have a reputation for causing scandals, but I didn't know that she had seduced a married man..." someone quipped aloud.

    "Haven't you heard of the gossip recently?"

    "What gossip? I've been busy filming recently so I didn't have time to read!"

    "Let me tell you. She..."

    The actress began to expound excitedly as she dragged Jiang Sifei along. "Lin Yan has been flirting around shamelessly on the filming set. Even our beloved award-winning actor Mr. Pei has been treating her differently! If you don't believe me, ask our award-winning actress!"

    Jiang Sifei appeared conflicted. "This... I'm not really sure... But Mr. Pei does treat Lin Yan differently..."

    If the two actresses who had worked with Lin Yan said so, then this affirmed everyone's suspicions. They all cast contemptuous looks at Lin Yan.

    No matter how good an actress she was, a loose woman like her would incur everyone's wrath. Furthermore, she had seduced a married man...

    By now, the reporters had entered the venue.

    Lin Yan and Gao Zhiwei's scandal had been hitting the deadlines, so the reporters bolted for Lin Yan the moment they spotted her.

    Lin Yan was swarmed by reporters in a matter of seconds. Meanwhile, Jiang Sifei stood at a corner, watching them coldly.

    "Miss Lin Yan, how do you feel about the accusation that Gao Zhiwei, the director of your previous company, has made?"

    "You went to Mr. Gao Zhiwei's office a few days ago. Is what he has claimed true? Did you seduce him because of the contract?"

    "May I know if you're aware that Gao Zhiwei is married? Don't you think you did something immoral?"


    Lin Yan remained composed while the reporters were firing questions at her. "Sorry, but I had no reason to do that."

    The reporters got more excited at Lin Yan's response.

    "We have a witness and evidence. Are you still denying it?"

    "Then can you explain the photo the paparazzi took? Even Miss An Qianqian has testified against you. Are you trying to say that everyone is accusing you wrongly?"
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