427 Too Amazing!

    At the same time, a few memorable scenes of the movie appeared on the screen as a flashback.

    A particularly exciting scene took up most of the flashback. It was Pei Nanxu and Lin Yan's scene.

    Although everyone was disgruntled with Lin Yan, they couldn't deny that she had played the role extremely well in the movie, which was why she had gained attention.

    Regardless of whether she had acted with Wei Xufeng or Pei Nanxu, her performance had been incredible.

    If Lin Yan had been in more scenes, she would definitely have won awards.

    Lin Yan watched the scene, feeling rather overwhelmed and conflicted.

    The filming of this scene had happened while her consciousness had taken over her...

    After the movie had come out, many bloggers had extracted exciting parts from various scenes and paired Lin Pianruo up with Wei Xufeng. Quite a few people had paired Lin Pianruo with Pei Nanxu as well.

    Others had purposely extracted her from her scenes with Wei Xufeng and Pei Nanxu and edited them into a video that showed her getting attacked by herself and suffering alone.

    Lin Yan felt quite touched as she watched...

    The scene with Pei Nanxu was really amazing!

    She almost fell in love with herself!

    The award ceremony soon ended and was followed by an interview segment.

    Lin Yan strode out of the hall and was about to turn around a corner when she suddenly saw someone heading in her direction.

    It was Gao Zhiwei. Lin Yan raised her eyebrows as she stared at the man.

    He had a smug, confident grin on his face as he peered at her loftily. "Lin Yan, three days have passed. Have you decided?"

    Gao Zhiwei sounded as though he was confident that she would admit defeat.

    He was aware that unless he stepped forward to clarify everything, she wouldn't be able to clear her name.

    Lin Yan chuckled before she replied, "Director Gao, I made myself clear the day we met in your office. I've already signed with another company."

    Gao Zhiwei, who hadn't expected Lin Yan to be so obstinate, hissed sharply, "Lin Yan, I've asked around, but there is no such company! I think that you won't feel remorse until death is staring you right in the face!"

    He had already asked around?

    Lin Yan guessed that Gao Zhiwei must have checked with the small companies. In that case, he certainly wouldn't be able to find out anything. Therefore, he had assumed that she had been lying.

    Lin Yan didn't explain. Instead, she smiled. "What I want to know is... who will be the one crying when the time comes..."

    "You!" Gao Zhiwei spat angrily and yelled, "Good! Lin Yan, you brought this upon yourself! Don't regret it!"

    Gao Zhiwei sneered aloud before he turned around.

    Lin Yan dusted her clothes off nonchalantly and strode leisurely towards the door.

    Sister Ling had already discussed it with Summit Entertainment. Although they were a little unhappy with her scandal, they had still agreed to get the PR department to release an announcement that Lin Yan was an artist signed on by Summit Entertainment.

    Although Chi Sheng wouldn't appear personally, the announcement was sufficient.

    After the award ceremony, all the artists felt more relaxed as they lounged around in the waiting room before the interview.
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