429 One Final Question

    Lin Yan snorted in amusement when she heard them.

    Evidence and witness?

    There was just a photo of her coming out of the company building along with her manager, Zhao Hongling. An Qianqian was Gao Zhiwei's artist so she would naturally help him. They had believed this ridiculous evidence?

    Her current image and reputation had caused people to jump to this conclusion.

    Gao Zhiwei had predicted this, which was why he could accuse her so blatantly.

    Suddenly, a reporter caught a glimpse of Gao Zhiwei and An Qianqian far away.

    The reporters scrambled in their direction.

    A reporter yelled, "Director Gao, Lin Yan has denied the accusation you made on Weibo! What is your opinion?"

    Gao Zhiwei turned to Lin Yan and replied arrogantly, "How could I malign her about such a serious matter? She used to be an artist of my company, so I have left out the details! Since she refuses to show any remorse, don't blame me!"

    He silently added, 'Since this wretched b*tch refuses to obey, then she can't blame me.'

    If he couldn't get his hands on her, he would rather destroy her...

    "Details? What other details? What happened that night?" Upon hearing Gao Zhiwei, the reporters conversed excitedly.

    Gao Zhiwei acted as though he was outraged. "That night, she came to my office in a scanty outfit. Then, she removed her clothes right in front of me as she begged and pleaded with me. She said she didn't mind that I was married and she was willing to do anything as long as I kept her at the company..."

    He turned to Lin Yan with pity mingled in his eyes. "Miss Lin Yan, have you forgotten what happened?"

    The reporters and celebrities present erupted, causing a tumultuous uproar.

    Oh my god!

    This was really shocking!

    Lin Yan was so shameless! Had she really done such a thing?

    Lin Yan stared at Gao Zhiwei in silence. This man should become an actor or scriptwriter and stop burying his talent.

    He had acted so well and he had even created this ridiculous story!

    Lin Yan glanced at Gao Zhiwei and asked sharply, "Director Gao, are you sure I said and did these things?"

    Gao Zhiwei replied confidently, "Of course. I stand by every word that I've said. Besides, An Qianqian was with me too. She witnessed everything four days ago!"

    Gao Zhiwei had to prove that he was telling the truth. Hence, he roped in An Qianqian without a second thought.

    Lin Yan turned to An Qianqian. "Miss An, is it true that you were present that night?"

    An Qianqian had to back Gao Zhiwei up naturally. She was also confident that Lin Yan couldn't do anything to them. Hence, she spoke up. "Yes, I was present. I didn't reveal the details previously, as we were colleagues. How dare you lie in the presence of others, Lin Yan? You're too much!"

    Lin Yan nodded in satisfaction after An Qianqian had spoken.

    She had not wished to implicate An Qianqian initially. Who knew that her own manager would dig a grave for her instead?

    Hence, Lin Yan said, "Alright, one final question. Why did I do all of this?"
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