430 I Heard That Someone Is Putting Us Down?

    Gao Zhiwei heard her and sneered coldly in response. "Lin Yan, you already know the answer. Because of your unethical behavior, I kicked you out of the company. Of course, you are begging to return to Star Entertainment! Is there a problem?"

    The reporters and celebrities had no doubts about Gao Zhiwei's claims by now.

    Gao Zhiwei wanted to seize this opportunity to gain fame. Hence, he turned to everyone and plodded on. "I would never make false accusations, as this concerns our reputation. I already knew that she had no moral values. Despite her popularity, I didn't agree to sign her on.

    Who knew that... she would do something so shameless! I'm a married man, so how could I do such a thing?"

    "He is right! Lin Yan is really a loose woman. Does she think that everyone is like her..." Everyone began to chide her, as they felt indignant upon hearing Gao Zhiwei. They looked as though they were impressed by Gao Zhiwei's principles.

    An Qianqian's movie had been nominated as well, but she knew that it stood no chance.

    However, Gao Zhiwei had garnered attention thanks to his recent news. Many people came to talk to him and expressed their support for him. He then seized the opportunity to get to know them.

    "B*tch! Get out of the entertainment industry!" someone screamed amongst the crowd.

    Many more people began to yell in agreement.

    "Yeah! Get out of the entertainment industry! We shouldn't allow her to taint our reputation!"

    "How could there be such an immoral woman? Someone who worked with her before said that she even tried to seduce Mr. Pei!"

    "I heard that Mr. Pei treats her differently! I wonder what underhanded methods she has resorted to this time!"


    When Gao Zhiwei noticed that Lin Yan remained quiet, he took a step forward and sighed heavily. "Actually, I'm a sentimental person. Lin Yan is probably desperate, which is why she took a wrong step. Everyone, stop blaming her. On account of our past work relationship, I'm willing to take her in again if she promises to work hard..."

    Even now, he was still trying to grab hold of Lin Yan. By speaking in this way, he had displayed how forgiving he was.

    As everyone continued to berate Lin Yan, a voice interrupted them suddenly...

    "Wow! Why is it so lively today?"

    Everyone turned in the direction of the voice.

    They realized that it belonged to Summit Entertainment's President, Chu Jiayao!

    Chu Jiayao had strolled in with an entourage of bodyguards along with Pei Nanxu.

    No one had expected that the boss of Summit Entertainment would attend the award ceremony. Hushed, excited whispers immediately filled the room.

    Chu Jiayao, the President of Summit Entertainment, was a big shot in the entertainment industry. Besides being shrewd and capable, he was also good-looking. He didn't pale in comparison, despite standing next to Pei Nanxu.

    Many reporters wanted to rush forward to interview Chu Jiayao. No one had expected that he would voluntarily walk towards them instead.

    He put on a tiny smile as his gaze trailed to Gao Zhiwei. "I heard that... someone is trying to put Summit Entertainment down?"
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