431 The Final Nail Hammered Into the Truth!

    Upon hearing Chu Jiayao's question, everyone, including Gao Zhiwei, was stunned.

    No one understood what Chu Jiayao meant...

    Someone was trying to put down Summit Entertainment?

    Who was so bold as to put down Chu Jiayao?

    And who was the artist that was involved?

    Everyone fell silent for several seconds before a reporter asked cautiously, "President Chu, what do you mean? Who has been trying to put you down?"

    Chu Jiayao chuckled before he said, "Didn't Mr. Gao Zhiwei put me down personally just now?"


    Gao Zhiwei?

    What had Gao Zhiwei said?

    He had said...

    Gao Zhiwei looked baffled.

    The reporters tried to recall what Gao Zhiwei had said earlier. He had said that if Lin Yan were to behave, he could sign her on again.

    What the... What was Chu Jiayao trying to say?

    Did he mean that...

    It was impossible! That was insane! How could it be?

    Everyone present was filled with disbelief when Chu Jiayao interrupted them and said clearly, "Sorry, but Miss Lin Yan signed a contract with Summit Entertainment more than a week ago. She is an artist managed by Summit Entertainment."

    Chu Jiayao halted for a moment. "Director Gao is trying to put me down. Doesn't that seem inappropriate?"

    Chu Jiayao's statement had shocked everyone, so no one moved.

    Gao Zhiwei froze on the spot.

    What... What had Chu Jiayao just said? Were his ears failing him?

    "What the... What did I just hear? Chu Jiayao... Chu Jiayao just declared that Lin Yan is Summit Entertainment's artist!"

    "You heard correctly! President Chu mentioned that Lin Yan signed a contract with Summit Entertainment a week ago!"

    "It must be a lie! How is that possible? That is Summit Entertainment! The giant of the entertainment industry! A subsidiary of JM corporation, which is a multinational conglomerate! Their artists are selected stringently. How could they possibly sign on Lin Yan?"

    "But... Chu Jiayao has admitted it personally... How could it be a lie?"

    Everyone entered an awkward silence.

    The boss of Summit Entertainment had admitted this personally. How could it be a lie?

    Pei Nanxu scanned the reporters and the crowd. "Lin Yan did indeed sign a contract with Summit Entertainment a week ago. Her manager, Zhao Hongling, signed with us too. The company is preparing to release an announcement soon."

    Even award-winning actor Pei Nanxu had stepped forward to confirm it...

    His words were like the final nail hammered into the truth!

    Besides the crowd, even Lin Yan was rather surprised. She surveyed Pei Nanxu and President Chu Jiayao curiously...

    What was going on?

    Hadn't they said that the PR department would release a Weibo announcement?

    Why would boss Chu Jiayao and Pei Nanxu announce it personally?

    Wasn't this a little over the top?

    Lin Yan was secretly glad that at least Pei Yucheng hadn't announced it...

    Otherwise, things would have gotten out of hand.

    "Mr. Pei... Is that the truth? Lin Yan has signed a contract with Summit Entertainment?" The reporters clamored and jostled to get an answer.

    Pei Nanxu said really casually, "Certainly. The PR department will be releasing an official announcement."
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