432 The Truth Had Come to Ligh

    A reporter said, "In that case, there were rumors that you were especially nice to Lin Yan. Today, you helped her out on the red carpet as well. Was that because she is managed by Summit Entertainment?"

    "Of course I would take care of my fellow colleagues." Pei Nanxu admitted readily.

    Everyone else was speechless...

    Everyone's eyes swiveled to the dumbfounded Gao Zhiwei and An Qianqian.

    "Lin Yan signed a contract with Summit Entertainment a week ago. Why was Lin Yan accused of trying to seduce Gao Zhiwei four days ago? What was that all about?" someone yelled.

    "Nonsense! Is that even a question? Gao Zhiwei must have been trying to malign Lin Yan! Why would Lin Yan seduce and beg him to return to Star Entertainment when she had already signed with Summit Entertainment? Is she out of her mind?"

    "Damn it! So this is the truth! Gao Zhiwei has been fabricating lies and acting all along?"

    Gao Zhiwei's mind went blank and his palms became clammy when the commotion grew.

    Lin Yan and Zhao Hongling had already told him that they had signed with a company, yet he hadn't believed them or gone around asking.

    Who would have thought that Lin Yan would be able to sign with Summit Entertainment!

    They had signed the contract more than a week ago!

    How would he be able to explain...

    "Oh, my god! Gao Zhiwei has been putting on this righteous facade all along! He acted so well! How dare he claim that Lin Yan took off her clothes to seduce him? He was telling a lie!"

    "Then he has indeed fabricated a good story! No wonder Lin Yan said that she had no reason to do that! Why would she look for Gao Zhiwei when she has Summit Entertainment?"

    "Gao Zhiwei and An Qianqian are so damn horrible. She was helping him with the lie!"

    "I finally understood everything. Gao Zhiwei chased Lin Yan away and wanted to get her back after she got popular. He wanted to squeeze money out of her, but Lin Yan didn't agree. Hence, he resorted to a despicable method by distorting the truth in a bid to force Lin Yan to surrender to him! He is really shameless!"

    "This must be it! Who would have thought that Lin Yan would really sign with Summit Entertainment? This is akin to giving them a tight, resounding slap across the face!"


    Under the circumstances, Gao Zhiwei and An Qianqian were rendered speechless.

    The lie they had spun had no concrete evidence. To think that the boss of Summit Entertainment and its top artist would announce the news personally! The truth had come to light!

    Gao Zhiwei mopped the perspiration on his forehead as he spluttered anxiously, "No... This isn't... It's not like this... Actually, this is a misunderstanding... That day, Lin Yan came to talk about work... It must be a misunderstanding..."

    He had already described in detail how Lin Yan had seduced him. Who would believe him now that the truth was out?

    An Qianqian had never felt more regretful. If she had known that this would happen, she would have rather died than help Gao Zhiwei with his lie. She had become his accomplice!

    She had maligned a fellow celebrity. How would she be able to survive?

    Jiang Sifei, who had originally stayed behind to watch them shred Lin Yan to pieces, looked deeply shocked.

    She lost control and shrieked, "This... This is impossible! How could she sign with Summit Entertainment?"
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