433 The Public Opinion Changed Sides

    She, an award-winning actress, had been rejected by Summit Entertainment. She had only managed to land a contract with House of Millions Media, a subsidiary of Triumph Entertainment.

    In what way was Lin Yan worthy enough of a huge player like Summit Entertainment?

    Chu Jiayao shot Jiang Sifei a sharp look when he heard her. Although he kept smiling, there was no trace of warmth in his eyes. "Summit Entertainment doesn't need to explain or report to outsiders regarding its decisions."

    If someone else had said this, it would have created gossip or doubt. However, Summit Entertainment had the right to be arrogant and overbearing.

    He had the backing and support of Pei Yucheng, the President of JM corporation! Why would he be afraid?

    Chu Jiayao's declaration shut everyone up.

    Jiang Sifei trembled with fury as she went pale...

    Zhao Hongling and Lin Yan had signed with Summit Entertainment...

    This fact was enough to drive her crazy with jealousy!


    In the end, the farce ended this way.

    As soon as the reporters ended their interviews when Summit Entertainment, they released an announcement along with a declaration that they reserved the right to seek legal liability against anyone who fabricated rumors.

    Thus, everyone finally understood the truth.

    Gao Zhiwei had distorted the truth and pretended to be the victim!

    The public opinion changed sides instantly...

    The people who had previously criticized Lin Yan attacked Gao Zhiwei instead. The rest of the comments all expressed their shock over the fact that Lin Yan had jumped ship to Summit Entertainment.

    'Who would have thought that Gao Zhiwei could be so despicable!'

    'To be honest, there wasn't much evidence to begin with. Gao Zhiwei and his artist spun a lie to fool everyone and we believed them...'

    'Lin Yan was really unlucky this time! If she hadn't signed with Summit Entertainment long ago, she would never have been able to clear her name!'

    'We should support Lin Yan! She has indeed been maligned this time. This accusation would be enough to destroy any actress. How could someone do this after failing to get her back? This is really terrifying!'


    At the same time, in a luxurious mansion in the capital city...

    Lin Shuya, who had just heard the news, hurled her cup to the floor in a fit of anger.

    "Lin Yan signed with Summit Entertainment? This isn't possible!" Lin Shuya had initially felt that it was beneath her to deal with Lin Yan. She knew that Gao Zhiwei would definitely attack Lin Yan, so she had watched from the sidelines. She would only deal the final blow to eradicate Lin Yan when the time came.

    It had never occurred to her that Lin Yan would sign with Summit Entertainment!

    Any other company was fine, except for Summit Entertainment!

    No matter how powerful Triumph Entertainment was, it could never be on par with Summit Entertainment. If Lin Yan had really signed with Summit Entertainment, it would be too difficult for her to destroy her.

    He Shanshan hurriedly rushed over to her and remarked sweetly, "Sister, don't be so angry. Lin Yan has merely gotten lucky lately! Summit Entertainment has many top celebrities. Lin Yan is nothing!

    Besides, you're about to join a major international production. Lin Yan is still at the bottom, trying her best to make her way up. She can't even touch the hem of your dress!"

    Lin Shuya recovered slightly when she heard He Shanshan. "I have indeed underestimated Lin Yan, but this is more interesting! Since she wants a taste of falling from heaven back to hell, I don't mind fulfilling her wish..."

    She would bring her down personally this time!
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