436 Youre the First in My Heart!

    Lin Yan unconsciously spoke in a respectful manner again.

    She tried to imagine how she should address Pei Yucheng. Yucheng? Ahcheng?

    What the! She could never say that! It was too mushy!

    As a woman of steel, Lin Yan knew that there was no way she could do that.

    "Big Brother would love it if you were disrespectful..." Pei Yutang muttered.

    Lin Yan gritted her teeth and thought silently. 'Can this kid shut up?'

    In the end, Lin Yan smiled at Pei Yucheng sweetly after some contemplation. "Mr. Pei, actually, I believe that I should continue to address you this way..."

    Pei Yucheng raised an eyebrow and studied the girl, looking calm. "Why do you say so, Miss Lin?"

    Lin Yan cleared her throat softly and explained, "It means that... you will... always... be the first in my heart..."

    Pei Yucheng was speechless...

    Pei Nanxu was speechless...

    Pei Yutang was speechless...


    You will be the first in my heart...

    The girl's crystal-clear voice was like a piece of jade knocking against Pei Yucheng's heart...

    Pei Yucheng felt as though the world was melting at the moment. The distance that had initially kept them apart seemed to have dissolved...

    After some time, he smiled helplessly and affectionately at the girl. "Miss Lin, you are good at coaxing others..."

    Lin Yan blushed crimson. She wasn't coaxing him!

    He was the one who had shown her no mercy when he had tried to seduce her!

    Pei Yutang nodded vigorously in agreement. Big Sister-In-Law was really good at coaxing people!

    She had such a glib tongue...

    He marveled at her amazing ability and worshiped her as his idol!


    The next day...

    Lin Yan slept till morning. She had taken care of everything on her side, so she had some time to unwind.

    She would just wait for Sister Ling's work arrangements.

    Lin Yan had just finished washing up when Pei Yutang yelled.

    "Daddy! Are you there? Daddy!"

    "The door isn't locked. Come in," answered Lin Yan.

    Pei Yutang scuttled in hurriedly after opening the door.

    He looked excited and hyper right now. His eyes gleamed brightly as he watched her.

    "Why are you so excited? Did your car team win?" Lin Yan sat on the couch as she glanced at Pei Yutang.

    "Car team?"

    Pei Yutang was momentarily startled by Lin Yan's question. He shook his head furiously and said, "Recently, we joined a few competitions but we lost more than we won... My team competed against the He family team. That was the only time we won!"

    Lin Yan was speechless...

    Could he not focus on how his team had beaten the He family team? Wasn't that obvious?

    However, Lin Yan wasn't too worried about the He family team. They had managed to get several investors and funding and also changed their equipment.

    "I'm not here to talk about my victory!" Pei Yutang surveyed the surroundings before inching closer to Lin Yan.

    Lin Yan wondered why Pei Yutang was acting so mysteriously.

    "Sister-in-law, you can never say a word to anyone!" Pei Yutang whispered carefully.

    "What happened? Why are you being so mysterious?" Lin Yan's curiosity was piqued.
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