438 Imposter

    Pei Yutang nodded vigorously and cried, "Yes! Sister-in-law, you're so smart! That's exactly what I wanted to say!"

    He was visibly excited at the thought of meeting Yeva, while Lin Yan had fallen silent...

    There was another Race Track's Grim Reaper...

    If someone else was Yeva, then who was she?

    Had someone pretended to be her and traveled all the way here?

    How could this person disrespect her? Even though she had retired, how could anyone simply pass off as her?

    "Sister-in-law, I'm really excited. However, you have to know that Yeva is the idol that I worship the most! Have you watched the first level of the international competition? Yeva was so pretty, brilliant, and amazing! She could just win and dominate any competition! If only I could meet her once... I would give anything in exchange!" Pei Yutang exclaimed excitedly.

    He continued when Lin Yan remained quiet. "What do you think? Sister-in-law, are you interested in going with me to meet Yeva? Do you know how many people would die to have this opportunity? You can't even pay to get it!"

    "Where is the dinner held at?" asked Lin Yan.

    "The venue hasn't been determined, but they will inform us soon. I think an actress managed to invite the Race Track's Grim Reaper... Her name is... Lin Shuya. She was the one who organized this private dinner and invited some big shots of the racing industry."

    "Lin Shuya..."

    Lin Yan's face hardened when the name left Pei Yutang's lips.

    Lin Shuya had sabotaged her. As a result, she had ended up being banned from competitions. However, Lin Shuya had no idea that she was Yeva. Besides, Lin Shuya wasn't familiar with racing. She only knew that she was a racer.

    It was interesting that she had managed to invite 'Yeva'.

    Only Lin Yan knew that Lin Shuya had invited an imposter.

    Lin Yan guessed that Lin Shuya had purposely invited the fake Yeva with the intention of clinching the role of Yeva.

    On second thought, Lin Yan concluded that this didn't make sense.

    After all, Lin Shuya was a prominent figure in the entertainment industry. The consequences would be unimaginable if it was revealed that she had invited a fake Yeva to the dinner.

    Hence, it was more likely that Lin Shuya had been duped by this fake Yeva.

    Of course, regardless of whether Lin Shuya had been duped or not, Lin Yan didn't care. However, if someone pretended to be her and went around using her identity, she could not tolerate it.

    Before Pei Yutang could continue, Lin Yan's phone rang suddenly.

    Pei Yutang hastily quipped, "Sister-in-law, let me know if you want to go! I can check if I can get an extra ticket!"

    Pei Yutang rushed out after saying that.

    Lin Yan glanced at her phone. It was God Z.

    She answered the call swiftly.

    "Miss Lin." God Z spoke over the line.

    "It's me," replied Lin Yan.

    "Miss Lin, do you have time for a cup of coffee?"

    Why would God Z suddenly ask her out for coffee?

    "God Z, what is the matter?" Lin Yan didn't beat around the bush.

    God Z chuckled softly and replied, "Indeed, something is the matter. This is about a legendary figure of the racing industry."

    "Alright. Which cafe are we meeting at?"
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