439 It Was Nothing

    Lin Yan received God Z's text shortly.

    There was still some time left, so she killed time by browsing some websites.

    Currently, there wasn't any news of Yeva appearing in the capital city.

    It seemed like Pei Yutang was right. Only a handful of people were aware of Yeva's reappearance.

    Since this person was using her identity to dupe people, of course she had to be low-key and cautious. Lin Yan had never revealed her identity to anyone before and she had rarely given any interviews as well.

    Lin Yan set off for the cafe in the afternoon.

    When she opened the door and entered the cafe, she saw that all of the ZH1 team members were present too.

    "Miss Lin."

    God Z, Mumu, and the others stood up to welcome her.

    Lin Yan glanced at God Z and asked, "Is this about Yeva?"

    Everyone looked slightly startled.

    God Z uttered, "Miss Lin, how did you know?"

    Lin Yan's racing skills were incredible, so she was definitely one of the best in the country. However, she still belonged to the He family team, which certainly didn't belong to the exclusive social circle of the racing industry.

    Hence, the ZH1 team was rather surprised that Lin Yan already knew about Yeva.

    "Pei Yutang told me," Lin Yan explained.

    "Oh, no wonder..." God Z nodded.

    Lin Yan and Pei Yutang were close. The ZH1 team members were all aware of this.

    "So you already knew this." God Z peered at Lin Yan and grinned. "To be honest, we were all shocked by the news. Miss Lin, you should know that the Race Track's Grim Reaper, Yeva, is a legendary figure in the racing industry."

    "Yeva retired due to health issues some time ago. Who would have expected that she would appear in the capital city... Or that we would have the honor of being invited." Mumu sounded overwhelmed.

    Lin Yan sighed quietly to herself as she scanned all of the ZH1 members' faces.

    It seemed that the imposter had been quite clever. Otherwise, she wouldn't have been able to trick a top team like ZH1 so easily.

    "Of course I've heard of Yeva." Lin Yan grinned.

    "Miss Lin, are you interested in attending the dinner?" God Z asked Lin Yan.

    "Sure. I am free these days. If I could go and expand my horizons, why wouldn't I?" Lin Yan smiled and nodded.

    Lin Shuya would never have invited her to an event that she had organized. However, thanks to ZH1 and Pei Yutang, she would be able to attend it.

    "Oh yeah, I forgot to thank you." God Z stood up and peered intently at Lin Yan. "Miss Lin, you're truly our benefactor. Without you, we would have gotten in trouble."

    Lin Yan knew that God Z was referring to the competition with WW.

    "You're welcome. It was nothing," replied Lin Yan airily.

    God Z was speechless...

    Mumu was speechless...

    The ZH1 team members were speechless...

    WW was a formidable opponent, yet beating them sounded as though it had been a piece of cake for Lin Yan.

    Indeed, Lin Yan had crushed WW completely.

    Given her skills, as long as she continued to train and was placed in a good team, she would definitely be able to make it to the top team in the country. She might even be able to participate in the third level of the international competition.
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