518 We Used To Be Close To Each Other All The Time

    With a smile, Xi Xia lifted the insulated food container and hugged it close to her chest.

    Although Song Changwen was glad Xi Xia cared for her this much, she felt concerned. "You are still recovering. You shouldn't be out here making yourself exhausted," Song Changwen said with a frown.

    Whilst speaking, Song Changwen reached for Xi Xia's hand and began guiding her into her office.

    "I know. I've got it under control, Aunty. Don't worry about me." Xi Xia nodded gently. "Oh yeah, where were you rushing off to earlier?"

    "I have to go out to get something done. Just leave the soup in my office and hurry home. Don't go roaming about outside." Song Changwen placed the envelope on her desk as she smiled at Xi Xia.

    After letting go of Xi Xia's hand, Song Changwen seemed to be in a hurry to leave.

    "Alright. I've got it." Xi Xia nodded obediently.

    "Well then, I'm leaving now. Remember to go home early."

    Still worried, Song Changwen turned her head around to look at Xi Xia after taking a few steps away.

    Once Song Changwen had stepped out of the room, Xi Xia turned around to nod at Dr. Hu who seemed to be deep in thought. "Uncle Hu."

    His thoughts now interrupted by Xi Xia, Dr. Hu looked at her affectionately. "Xiaxia, are you feeling better these days?"

    "Yeah, it's all thanks to your care in the past." Xi Xia nodded as she answered in her usual polite manner.

    "Please take care of yourself," Dr. Hu said before walking away.

    "Uncle Hu," Xi Xia suddenly called out.

    Dr. Hu stopped walking as he turned around to look at her confusedly. "Why did you come to my aunt's office? Is something wrong with my aunt's health? Or is it something bad about my health?" She asked with a concerned look.

    "My aunt seemed really nervous. Could it be something serious?" Xi Xia explained why she was asking that question.

    Xi Xia looked very concerned right then.

    "A few days ago, your aunt did a check-up at the hospital. I came to deliver her medical report since I was on leave today." Dr. Hu gave her a reassuring smile.

    "Is she alright?" Xi Xia asked nervously.

    "Silly child, don't you worry. She's perfectly fine. You know, just slight discomforts that come with age." Dr. Hu chuckled as he shook his head.

    "Oh, sorry for the trouble, Dr. Hu." Xi Xia sighed in relief before nodding at Dr. Hu politely.

    "Don't worry about it. I shall leave now." Dr. Hu said before walking away.

    'Whose DNA do these belong to...'

    Xi Xia was very certain she heard those words being spoken. Whose DNA report did it belong to?

    While Dr. Hu walked away, Xi Xia kept her gaze on the envelope in his hand.

    Only when he had completely disappeared from sight did Xi Xia finally turn around and look at Song Changwen's desk.

    When she saw the photograph placed on Song Changwen's desk, the paleness in her face went away.

    Seeming more energetic now, Xi Xia walked closer to the desk to pick up the photograph. It was a picture of young teenagers wearing school uniforms.

    Xi Xia began to smile.

    This photograph was taken when she and Gu Nianshen were in high school. While Song Changwen sat in front, Xi Xia and Gu Nianshen stood behind her with the same uniform from Yi Gao.

    There was only enough space for a knuckle to fit in between her and Gu Nianshen.

    'Nianshen, we used to be so close all the time. How could you end up falling in love with someone else? How could you like Lin Yiqian instead?

    'This can't be!'


    As Lin Yiqian had to bring Xiaoyu with her, she decided against going to the recording studio. After work, she took Xiaoyu home with her.
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