522 Bai Se, Who Are You, Really?


    Gu Nianshen being raped by a woman?

    "Isn't that the case?" Song Changwen raised her brows. "Did you consent?"

    Gu Nianshen was speechless at last.

    "That's not rape. I was just drugged," Gu Nianshen blurted after a long while.

    There was a huge difference between being raped and drugged.

    "Do you mean you were drugged?" Song Changwen finally got what he was trying to say.

    "Perhaps... Perhaps so." Gu Nianshen felt awkward.

    "How shameful!" Song Changwen placed her hand over her forehead as she cried out loudly.

    She could not believe that her son had been drugged and raped. She might as well have allowed him to mingle with Li Nanmu and the others and become a womanizer.

    "Mother, don't be so loud."

    Seeing how careful he was behaving, Song Changwen lifted her head upward. "Oh my god. I don't know you anymore. Please stop calling me your mother."

    Song Changwen stood up and began heading upstairs.

    At first, she thought that this son of hers had always been a good student. He was always the center of her pride.

    Now, he was the cause of her shame. He did not even have the courage to acknowledge his own son.

    Song Changwen had never met a man who was this afraid of his wife.


    After taking a warm shower, Lin Yiqian walked out of the bathroom to find that her phone was ringing.

    She immediately ran over to pick it up. Seeing that it was a call from Bai Se, she held the phone up to her ear as she walked back to the bathroom.

    "I've already arranged the flight. You'll have to come up with an excuse to leave the country. By the way, the scheduled activities are pretty tightly arranged. I think you'll need roughly three days in total if we included the journey to and fro. As you are the final act for the show, I estimate that we should arrive around seven o'clock local time. Make-up will be done on the flight." Bai Se proceeded to explain the flow of events for Suka's Music Festival.

    As Lin Yiqian listened to him, she carefully ran through the itinerary in her mind. "I understand," She answered after deciding that nothing needed to be changed.

    "I've also arranged for Xiaoyu to start attending the American school in October," Bai Se continued to speak.

    Hearing this, Lin Yiqian became stunned for a moment before she slowly turned to look at the little fellow who was drawing on his book on the bed.

    Xiaoyu was very focused and had not realized Lin Yiqian was looking at him at all. Seeing him behave like that made Lin Yiqian gulp. "Alright..." She nodded after some time.

    After seeing how Song Changwen treated Xiaoyu, Lin Yiqian believed that it was only a matter of time before she found out Xiaoyu was Gu Nianshen's son.

    "Can you really let him go?" Bai Se sighed.

    "It's better than the risk I'm taking..."

    Before she could finish speaking, Bai Se cut her off. "Don't worry about anything else. If you really want to keep Xiaoyu, nobody else can take him away from you."

    He was making a promise to Lin Yiqian.

    In fact, he sounded fully confident.

    Although it was not the first time Lin Yiqian expressed her concerns to him without reservation, it was the first time he expressed his thoughts about them.

    Lin Yiqian was shocked. Moreover, she also began to suspect who Bai Se really was.

    "Bai Se, there's a question that I've been wanting to ask you."

    "What is it?" Bai Se asked carefully after realizing Lin Yiqian's tone of voice had become serious.

    "Before we became acquainted, who were you, really?"

    Lin Yiqian could not help but feel her path to success in her singing career had been all too easy over the past five years.

    Of course, it was not the first time she had doubts about Bai Se's identity. Although she did have her suspicions, she still chose to trust him so that she could continue progressing in her career.

    Now, although she still trusted him, she had become increasingly curious about his true identity.

    When they first met, he had merely introduced himself with a single alphabet as his name. At the time, he too was wearing a mask and was confronted by others for faking his singing. When he got off stage, a group of unreasonable fans of the show insisted that he take off his mask.
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