523 Ill Get Someone Else

    However, at the time, Bai Se seemed very afraid of taking off his mask. It seemed he was afraid of anyone seeing his face, which was why he had clung onto his mask persistently.

    Even now, he would still wear his cap when he went outside. Moreover, he would try to keep the tip of his cap low so that half his face was covered.

    At the time, Lin Yiqian did not know why Bai Se would choose to help her despite his own situation.

    Perhaps influenced by what he told her about his past experiences, which sounded similar to hers, Lin Yiqian ended up trusting him so much that she was willing to take off her mask on the condition that he did too.

    Now that she thought about it, his appearance seemed rather coincidental at the time. Even what he went through was so similar to hers that it seemed nearly unbelievable.

    It felt as if somebody had intentionally planned it to happen...

    "Bai Se."

    "I won't harm you," Bai Se said very confidently.

    "I believe you." Lin Yiqian nodded without asking further.

    There was no reason for her not to trust him. Her only option was to continue believing in him.

    "Alright then. I'll see you on the tenth." Lin Yiqian was prepared to hang up.


    After hanging up, Lin Yiqian deleted her call history with Bai Se. Although this was not the number he usually used, Lin Yiqian would delete her call history each time she texted or spoke on the phone with Bai Se as a precaution.

    If there was anything important, she would store the information in her email.

    After locking her phone, Lin Yiqian proceeded to walk out of the bathroom. However, as soon as she opened the door, she saw Song Changwen standing right in front of her. "Mother, why didn't you knock before coming in?" Lin Yiqian gasped.

    Lin Yiqian made it very clear that she was upset.

    "Where are you going on the tenth?" Song Changwen asked suspiciously as she ignored Lin Yiqian's question.

    If she asked in such a way, it meant she did not overhear what Lin Yiqian had said to Bai Se earlier. "I'm going away for work. While I'm at it, I decided to bring Xiaoyu with me to travel for two days." Lin Yiqian relaxed somewhat.

    "On the tenth itself?" Song Changwen asked again.

    "Yeah. What's up?" Lin Yiqian asked curiously after noticing Song Changwen had accentuated the date.

    Was the tenth of this month an important date?

    Either way, Lin Yiqian was certain it was neither Gu Nianshen nor Gu Nianjia's birthday.

    "Who were you speaking to on the phone?" Song Changwen shifted her gaze to Lin Yiqian's phone with the same suspicious look.

    Lin Yiqian was not sure if she had picked up a sense of wariness from Song Changwen.

    Did Song Changwen suspect that Lin Yiqian was cheating on her son with another man?

    "It was one of my employees. Who else could it be?" Lin Yiqian answered frankly but not without a confused expression.

    After a moment of silence, Song Changwen began to speak again, "Why are you so nice to Xiaoyu?"

    "That kid likes me. Isn't it normal for me to be nice to him?" Lin Yiqian said frankly.

    Was Song Changwen expecting Lin Yiqian to torment the child?

    Such a response from Lin Yiqian left Song Changwen baffled.

    Then, Song Changwen stopped asking questions and instead walked into the room to spend time with Xiaoyu.


    After dinner at Gu Nianshen's, Song Changwen did not head home directly. Instead, she made a stop at the Song family's house.

    As soon as she entered the house, she headed upstairs to the study before knocking on the door.

    "Come in," Song Changlin answered.

    Pushing the door open, Song Changwen found him sitting in front of his desk.

    "Sister," Song Changlin greeted Song Changwen with a smile.

    "Changlin, did you make an appointment in America on the tenth?" Song Changwen asked directly.

    "Yeah. What's the matter?" Song Changlin nodded.

    "I'll get someone else to communicate with them."

    "Why?" Song Changlin frowned confusedly.
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