524 As Long As Gu Nianshen Treats Lin Yiqian Right, I Am Willing To Remain As Their Uncle For The Rest Of My Life

    "I have other things for you to attend to." Song Changwen did not provide any explanation.

    However, Song Changlin was not as obedient as before. He began to speak firmly. "It's already been decided. If there's anything else you'd like to discuss, we can do so after I return from America."

    As he spoke, Song Changlin returned to his seat before picking up a glass of milk from his desk and started to drink from it.

    "Changlin..." Song Changwen began to feel concerned with his unusual disobedience.

    "Sister, just be upfront if you have anything to say." Song Changlin smiled.

    He was certain that Changwen had something on her mind. After finishing his sentence in a leisurely manner, he put down the glass of milk.

    Since he had asked her directly, Song Changwen no longer beat around the bush. "Is Lin Yiqian going too?"

    After taking a pause, Song Changlin looked up at Song Changwen with a much colder gaze and facial expression. "I didn't contact her."

    This was not a side of him he would usually show to anyone, especially not to Song Changwen.

    Blaming herself somewhat, Song Changwen wondered if she had spoken too harshly. "I do not side with either you or Nianshen. Now that things have gotten to this point, we really can't afford to make a fool of ourselves." She sighed helplessly.


    Song Changlin chuckled a little sarcastically.

    As Song Changwen looked at him in surprise, she could not help but feel that this was not the Song Changlin she was familiar with. "Changlin?"

    Song Changlin stopped smiling sarcastically and began to look at Song Changlin with a serious expression. "As long as Gu Nianshen treats Lin Yiqian right, I am willing to remain as their uncle for the rest of my life."

    In other words, he was hinting that if Gu Nianshen did not treat Lin Yiqian right, he would not be able to guarantee that their relationship status might not change.

    From Song Changwen's perspective, he was not overstepping the boundary by speaking such words.

    After all, Song Changwen was aware that Gu Nianshen had forcefully taken Song Changwen's girlfriend away from him. Otherwise, Song Changwen and Lin Yiqian would still be overseas.

    If that were the case, they might have even gotten married and had children of their own. Perhaps, they might even never return to this country.

    As Song Changwen thought of this, she sighed yet again. "Having said all that, I still am not sure if I should hate Lin Yiqian or thank her."

    Song Changlin raised his brows confusedly as he could not comprehend why Song Changwen was faced such a dilemma.

    "If it wasn't for her, you would not have returned," Song Changwen continued.

    If it was not for Lin Yiqian, Nianshen would not have taken over Mega.

    Song Changlin kept his lips sealed as he remained silent for a while, almost as if he silently agreed with Song Changwen.

    After some time, he began to speak solemnly, "All you need to know is that she is important to both your son and your little brother."

    Lin Yiqian was important to two of the most important people in Song Changwen's life.

    As long as Song Changwen remembered this deep in her heart, she would not struggle with how she should think of Lin Yiqian.

    Stunned, Song Changwen looked at Song Changwen who now displayed a cold look on his face she had never seen before. Despite having her mouth open for a long time, Song Changwen could not find the words to retort against his statement.

    Song Changlin began to speak calmly yet again, "If there's nothing else, you should head on home. It's getting late."

    "Rest early." Song Changwen nodded.

    "Alright." Song Changlin watched as Song Changlin walked out and closed the door behind her.

    Looking away, Song Changlin's finger slid against the control panel on his computer. As the computer's screen lit up, a lady wearing a bachelor student's graduation gown appeared on it. In a foreign country, as the sun shone upon her, there was a smile on her face that seemed to hint some mixed emotions.

    Feeling pain in his heart, Song Changlin lifted his hand and reached for one corner of her lips. As his finger gently moved upward and along the curvature of her lips, he could not help but smile too.


    "In regards to the Suka International Music Festival, several brands we work with have sent us invitations. I've forwarded them to your email."

    Qi Shaodong had only just entered the office to provide a report as per the usual process. In their case, events like this were not hugely significant and therefore did not deserve their participation.

    In the past, the previous CEO would also very rarely participate in such events. Based on Gu Nianshen's approach in business, it was even more likely that he would choose not to attend this event.
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