526 The Next Attempt Will Be Forceful

    "Why should they go on leave?" Aunt Zhou was confused by Gu Nianshen's sudden grant of vacation for the kitchen staff.

    It was not a public holiday or any period of festivity.

    Gu Nianshen frowned impatiently. "I can decide whenever I want to let them go on leave."

    Gu Nianshen was the boss. Was it necessary to have a reason for him to allow his employees to go on leave?

    Before Aunt Zhou could ask him anything else, he immediately hung up. He needed to see what his wife had written to him in text.

    After hanging up, he immediately opened WeChat. "I'm too fat. Nobody can carry me. That's why I've decided to go on a diet and not have dinner." Lin Yiqian wrote.

    This idiot was actually holding a grudge against him!

    Could Lin Yiqian not tell that he had spoken such words out of spite?

    Chuckling, Gu Nianshen shook his head. "Lin Yiqian, wait for me in the office tonight. I'm coming over to pick you up."

    Right after sending the text, Gu Nianshen put his phone down. As he was about to resume going through a business document, the screen of his phone lit up.

    Glancing over, he saw that there was a text from Lin Yiqian. "Oh." A single word appeared.


    Gu Nianshen blinked. Did that mean she had agreed to his offer?

    Gu Nianshen wondered if what he said had mattered at all. Perhaps, she would only obey him when he expressed his dominance.

    Li Nanmu was right in that one should treat a woman with equal measures of gentleness and dominance.

    When Lin Yiqian was upset, Gu Nianshen needed to aim to please her in whatever way possible.

    When she refused his advances, he would have to be even more insistent.

    If Lin Yiqian dared to refuse to sleep with him in his bedroom the next time, he would go over to her room and rape her.


    Today, Lin Yiqian was finally able to complete her recording tasks. She felt physically relaxed as she walked out of the recording studio.

    Right after she walked out, Diqlo appeared from another room. Lin Yiqian stopped appearing lazy and instead began to display her elegant side.

    "It's been a pleasure working with you, Catwoman. I hope we can continue working together in the future." Diqlo smiled before opening his arms wide while he faced her. It was a very normal gesture for foreigners to hug each other.

    Although Lin Yiqian was used to it, she was repelled by the act simply because the person doing it was Diqlo. Lin Yiqian stepped aside to avoid hugging him.

    "Director Diqlo, thank you for all your hard work." She smiled at him.

    Lin Yiqian seemed to have carried out those actions seamlessly.

    With his hands now reaching out but not being able to hug Lin Yiqian, Diqlo began to seem embarrassed. However, it took only a moment before a smile returned to his face. "In that case, I will see you at Suka's event on the tenth."

    There was a subtle look in his pale blue eyes that made Lin Yiqian feel disgusted.

    "I have something else to attend to. I shall not take up your time, Director Diqlo. I wish you a safe trip back to your home country tomorrow." Lin Yiqian nodded politely before walking past Diqlo.

    Lin Yiqian had a tall and slender figure. Her skin-tight dress accentuated the curvatures of her body perfectly, especially from behind. Any man alive would admire her type of figure.

    While observing her, Diqlo had an excited gleam in his eyes. He began running after her. "Miss Catwoman, you are indeed a unique person in this industry. Indeed, you are like a plant that grows out of the mud unsullied, as the Chinese saying goes."

    Very quickly, Diqlo ran past Lin Yiqian and blocked her way. With half his face covered by his beard, his smile had now changed from one of politeness to one of pervertedness, which was thoroughly disgusting.

    Lin Yiqian stopped walking and met his gaze. Behind her mask, her cold, blue eyes were able to intimidate even a large-sized man like Diqlo.

    A look of fear appeared in his eyes for a second.

    "In actual fact, a person as I had described does not exist in this industry. Even if there were, it would only be on the surface level. For example, you, Miss Catwoman," he continued to speak.
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