527 Play With Catwoman

    Diqlo was obviously pointing out that Lin Yiqian was only pretending to be aloof. Secretly, she was just like the rest who played by the unspoken rules in the industry.

    Lin Yiqian was certain that he had ill intentions by standing in her way.

    Feeling wary now, Lin Yiqian slowly lowered her purse. Maintaining her elegant posture, she smiled at Diqlo. "Everyone has their own thoughts that cannot be changed by others. For example, I definitely cannot change the way you think, Director Diqlo."

    While speaking, Lin Yiqian tried to move forward.

    Indeed, just as she had expected, Diqlo stood in her way again. "Do you know how you have managed to get this billion-dollar recording gig?"

    Diqlo lifted his chin and looked at Lin Yiqian proudly. "I have personally selected you."

    Lin Yiqian chuckled. "Director Diqlo, you may have forgotten that it was your ex-boss who had personally invited me to be a part of this."

    Suddenly, Lin Yiqian's facial expression changed. "You aren't as powerful as you think." She smirked.

    Lin Yiqian was being frank as there was no longer any point in trying to remain diplomatic.

    "Is that so?" Diqlo reached for Lin Yiqian's wrist directly before pushing her against the wall.

    Then, he pressed his large and sturdy body against Lin Yiqian.

    Lin Yiqian opened her eyes wide before forcefully raising her right kneecap to Diqlo's groin. "B*stard!"

    Diqlo had not expected her to react this quickly. With a decisive motion, Lin Yiqian had kicked him squarely in his groin.

    The man cried out in pain.

    Lin Yiqian took this opportunity to push him away as she prepared to run away. Seeing her trying to escape, Diqlo ignored his pain as he reached for her waist from behind. He then used his chin to press down on Lin Yiqian's shoulder. "After working together for such a long time, I must play with you, Catwoman, before you leave," he whispered into her ears in a vulgar manner.

    Right then, somebody opened the door to the recording studio. A middle-aged Caucasian man suddenly appeared by the door. Like Diqlo, he had a full beard. However, the man was much taller than Diqlo, and he also looked much leaner in a royal blue tuxedo.

    Filled with fear, Lin Yiqian stared at the man with her eyes wide open.

    This was the owner of Star Films, Sergei.

    He definitely did not show up to help Lin Yiqian by stopping Diqlo. Instead, there was a large likelihood that he was here to be a part of what Diqlo was doing.

    Lin Yiqian used to hear a lot of rumors about these men working together to do such lowly things. However, things like this were the norm in the entertainment industry. In fact, many of the influential people were bisexual and could be with both men and women at the same time.

    Despite that, Lin Yiqian never expected them to have the guts to attempt anything sinister against her, and definitely not in such a forceful way.

    Right then, Lin Yiqian was locked in place by Diqlo who was hugging her from behind. Sergei began walking up to her with a perverted smile. "As long as you do as we tell you to and play with us, you will become Star Films' most adored celebrity."

    While speaking, Sergei bent at the waist to move closer to Lin Yiqian's face. "There's no use shouting or crying. Even if you tell other people once you leave this room that you were raped by us, you would only be perceived as the one seducing us in order to get opportunities for work. It's a common thing in the unspoken rule in this industry."

    Lin Yiqian's eyes narrowed slightly while she lifted her right leg. She then jabbed forcefully at Diqlo's foot with her shoe heel.

    While Diqlo cried out in pain, she pushed him away with her elbows. "Get out of my way, you b*stards!"

    However, Sergei very quickly grabbed her by her arms and pushed her against the wall. Lin Yiqian felt intense pain as her left elbow knocked against the wall.

    She gritted her teeth as she tried to cope with the pain. By then, her forehead was already full of sweat.

    There was no way she could escape from these two large Caucasian men.
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