530 How Could Gu Nianshen Possibly Have A Child With Someone Else?

    "Hmm," Gu Nianshen murmured deeply.

    "Well then, bring Xiaoyu over to your grandmother's for a while after dinner," Song Changwen said. However, she immediately changed her mind. "Forget about it. I'll come over to your place tonight."

    Gu Nianshen was worried that Xiaoyu's identity would soon be exposed if things went on like this.

    "Please don't make it so obvious," Gu Nianshen reminded Song Changwen in a serious tone.

    Song Changwen did not address his concern. "Remember to feed Xiaoyu with more food," she urged. "I've already bought him a lot of good food and arranged for someone to deliver them to your house."

    Gu Nianshen remained speechless.

    From what he could recall, Song Changwen had never bought him any snacks before.

    In fact, she was always serious and unsmiling with him and Gu Nianjia. Moreover, she came across as being stricter than their discipline master back in school.

    Now, she seemed like a changed person.

    That little jerk was a malignant tumor.

    "Take Xiaoyu home earlier. Don't stay out too late. Young kids like him need sufficient sleep to grow in height," Song Changwen nagged concernedly.

    Having lost his patience, Gu Nianshen immediately hung up.

    When Song Changwen heard the beeping sound from the call being ended, she frowned and moved the phone away from her ear. "Terrible child." She poked gently at the screen of her phone.

    However, her voice sounded full of affection.

    Meanwhile, as Xi Xia stood outside the door, she knew that Song Changwen's call had ended. She hurriedly turned around to return to her room.

    When she looked up, she noticed Lao Si standing by the staircase. Feeling guilty, her gaze darted away momentarily. Not long after, she called out to him with a gentle voice, "Uncle Si."

    She began approaching him.

    "What's the matter?" Lao Si asked with concern when he noticed her bitter expression.

    Xi Xia did not immediately answer his question. "Uncle Si, let's have a chat downstairs," she said softly before she began walking downstairs.

    Lao Si followed right behind her.

    There was only one other servant who stayed here. By now, she would have already gone to bed. Therefore, the living room was empty.

    Xi Xia walked over to the couch and sat down. Lao Si did the same before turning to look at her. "Xiaxia, what's the matter?"

    "I saw Auntie browsing a children's clothing store online..." Xi Xia said softly while looking up the stairs.

    Lao Si's eyes glimmered ever so slightly before he cleared his throat. "She was probably just randomly looking at it."

    He then lowered his head and shifted his gaze away from Xi Xia's face.

    Xi Xia could tell that he was trying to cover something up from the way he spoke. "Are you keeping something from me?" Xi Xia sounded as if her emotions had been stirred up.

    "Xiaxia, why would Uncle Si keep anything from you? Don't you know that I care about you the most?" Lao Si said in an attempt to comfort.

    Although he had spoken in such a way, he still seemed unconvincing as if there was something he could not tell her.

    Xi Xia felt more convinced that he was hiding something from her. She no longer had the patience to beat around the bush. "There are rumors out there that the child is Gu Nianshen's illegitimate son. Is that true?" She asked directly.

    "It isn't proven yet..." Lao Si began to speak. However, he then stopped himself as he looked up the stairs before continuing in a lowered voice. "Indeed, Changwen had suspicions that the child might belong to Nianshen. I saw her plucking a strand of hair from the child's head before going to the hospital."

    Xi Xia was shocked. She recalled bumping into Dr. Hu previously when she went to Song Changwen's office.

    'Whose DNA do these belong to...'

    Did the DNA belong to Nianshen and that child?

    How could Nianshen possibly have a child with someone else?

    Xi Xia frantically reached for Lao Si's arm. "Uncle Si, how could Nianshen have a child with another person?" Tears began to fill her eyes.
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