534 If Your Husband Doesnt Look After The Two Of You, I Wil

    "How's the termination of contract between you and Star Films going?" Na Wa sent Lin Yiqian another text.

    "Bai Se returned to American specifically to discuss this with them. I was busy yesterday and did not ask him about it."

    "If it's not completed, you may choose not to terminate your contract. Now that Star Films has a new boss, they might perhaps be able to achieve their former glory."

    "It doesn't matter if they achieve their former glory or not. I have already decided not to extend the contract. I don't want to work so much."

    Perhaps Lin Yiqian had become used to the comfortable lifestyle of spending time together as a family of three. She increasingly looked forward to a quiet life.

    "I understand. You're so infatuated with your husband that you are contemplating leaving the industry completely."

    'Leaving the industry...'

    Could she do that?

    The Lin family's business had only improved very slightly in recent times. However, it was still consistently making losses. How much cash could she supply as Mrs. Gu?

    Although Lin Yiqian could feel that Gu Nianshen's attitude toward her had changed, and they seemed to be much closer to each other than before, she still felt insecure.

    Lin Yiqian was afraid that she might experience losing everything yet again.

    She was adamant about not letting herself feel this helpless again.

    After sighing deeply, Lin Yiqian began to reply to Na Wa. "I just want to spend more time with Xiaoyu."

    Although Xiaoyu had not begun attending pre-school, he was getting close to the age of attending primary school. Lin Yiqian really ought to spend more time with him and plan ahead on his behalf.

    "You should indeed spend more time with my godson. Terminate the contract if you want to. If you really choose to leave the industry, and if your husband doesn't look after you the two of you, I will."

    Although Na Wa was joking on the most part, it was still a touching statement.

    It did not matter that Lin Yiqian had very few friends as long as her true friend would stand by her side during crucial moments.

    Lin Yiqian chuckled before sending a hugging emoticon to Na Wa.

    "I'm going to sleep. See you on the tenth." Na Wa replied.


    After seeing that Na Wa had gone offline, Lin Yiqian exited the chatroom.

    Lin Yiqian was now looking at several blogs from America that all published news regarding Night Forest Kingdom's acquisition of Star Films. The same news was being published across several major websites within the country.

    However, why had she not heard anything from Bai Se?

    While Lin Yiqian frowned confusedly, she turned her computer off. She then picked up her phone.

    The last time they had spoken on the phone was when Bai Se called her the night before after he found out what Diqlo and Sergei tried to do to her.

    "How did the discussion to terminate the contract with Star Films go?"

    After sending the text message to Bai Se, Lin Yiqian deleted her conversation history before locking her phone. She then got changed and went downstairs for breakfast.

    In the past, she would normally see one or two servants occupied with their tasks when she walked into the dining room. However, she did not see anyone at all today. Gu Nianshen was the only person who sat at the table while he looked at his phone. His plate was still empty.

    Moreover, Xiaoyu was also nowhere in sight. He was missing when Lin Yiqian woke up and went to turn on her computer. Whenever Xiaoyu stayed over, he seemed to wake up earlier than usual.

    Lin Yiqian walked over to the seat across from Gu Nianshen before sitting down.

    Just as she was about to ask if Gu Nianshen had seen Xiaoyu, she could hear Xiaoyu's voice from the kitchen.


    Lin Yiqian turned her head around to find the little fellow wearing an apron. With a tray in his hands, he walked toward her with a smile on his face.

    'He was working in the kitchen.' Lin Yiqian thought to herself surprisedly.

    After taking a glance at the tray in Xiaoyu's hands, Lin Yiqian noticed an omelet.

    "Did you make this omelet?" Lin Yiqian asked with a smile once Xiaoyu got closer to her.
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