545 Nobody Will Pamper You

    After Song Changwen was done speaking, Song Feifei started speaking in an odd tone before Xi Xia could say a word. "Sister Xiaxia truly does have the capability and the willingness to improve. Meanwhile, Lin Yiqian has always relied on her parents. When she went overseas, she relied on my youngest uncle. After she got married, she still relied on..."

    Song Changwen turned her head around to cut Song Feifei off with a glare.

    Song Feifei immediately pursed her lips. "Has the wound on your mouth fully recovered?" Song Changwen raised her brows before giving Song Changwen a fierce look.

    Shocked, Song Feifei took two steps back.

    However, due to the increased distance between her and Song Changwen, Song Feifei found the courage to speak. "Says you. I am innocent all this while. However, even after I was personally attacked and my house was destroyed, you did not do anything to uphold justice."

    Song Feifei gritted her teeth angrily as she talked about Lin Yiqian.

    "If you didn't step on her shoes, a proud person like her would not have bothered to touch you." Song Changwen snorted.

    Her intention was to let Song Feifei know where she stood so that she would not bother Lin Yiqian again.

    Those were all words of truth.

    However, to Song Feifei and Xi Xia, it sounded like Song Changwen was protecting Lin Yiqian.

    Xi Xia and Song Feifei were momentarily stunned. After she recovered from the surprise, Xi Xia looked at Song Changwen blankly.

    "Auntie, why are you speaking up for Lin Yiqian, that little b*tch?" Song Feifei blurted out angrily.

    Song Feifei pointed at her own face, which was still swollen, before looking down at her hand that had suffered a broken bone thanks to Gu Nianshen. It was still in a cast.

    Filled with anger, Song Feifei was directly cursing Lin Yiqian in front of Song Changwen.

    Meanwhile, Song Changwen's facial expression had changed as she stood up and shouted loudly at Song Feifei, "Regardless of how much you dislike her, she is still your older cousin's wife. If you wish to do anything to her, make yourself stronger first. Only go against her if you are able to overpower Gu Nianshen. Don't whine and challenge others if you have nothing under your belt."

    Song Changwen appeared as if she was angrier than she was strict.

    She was apparently angry because Song Feifei had cursed at Lin Yiqian.

    Stunned, Song Feifei took two more steps back. She was finding it difficult to accept the truth of how her aunt was treating her.

    Although Song Changwen was strict with everyone, she had never once said anything to hurt Song Feifei's ego like that.

    Regardless of whether Song Feifei was right or wrong, or even when she was being reprimanded, Song Changwen would always speak in an encouraging manner.

    Right then, even Xi Xia was stunned by Song Changwen's outburst. She took a long while to recollect herself before standing up and holding Song Changwen's arm. "Feifei is someone who speaks her mind. She doesn't have any ill intentions. Don't worry, Auntie. She won't dare to do it again."

    After trying to persuade Song Changwen to calm down, Xi Xia gave Song Feifei a look.

    As Song Changwen took in everything Xi Xia said, she began to seem calmer.

    "You have spent all these years with Xiaxia, but you are not nearly half as smart as Xiaxia. You should try to learn something from her. All you do is complain that I never give you or your brother any opportunity. But, have you ever worked for it?" Song Changwen spoke in her usual tone of instructing Song Feifei.

    Then, Song Changwen's facial expression turned colder. "If you don't keep your temper at bay, you will have to support yourself after you graduate. Nobody is going to pamper you."

    Perhaps feeling hurt from how Song Changwen had insulted her earlier, Song Feifei began to cry. "If I were as smart and beautiful as Sister Xiaxia, I wouldn't have let Lin Yiqian steal my man away," she cried out.

    Xi Xia's facial expression froze when she heard those words.

    This time, Song Changwen was thoroughly upset. "Get out of here!" She pointed at the door as she shouted at Song Feifei.
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