5 I Dont Want to be Your Friend

    Catwoman was named one of the best female singers in America. However, she had never revealed her true identity in front of audiences or fans.

    Her mysteriousness piqued the interest of many high profile individuals. She once rejected an offer of 10,000,000 dollars just to see her face.

    When Lin Yiqian compared herself to Catwoman, both Su Miao and the salesperson from Life laughed.

    Catwoman was an idol to them. Lin Yiqian was a nobody. Why would she make such a defaming comparison?

    Su Miao covered her mouth as she chuckled. She then nodded toward Lin Yiqian. "You do somewhat look like her. Keep it up, Miss Lin."

    Lin Yiqian ignored Su Miao's sarcastic expression. She raised the bag in her hands and said, "Thank you again, Miss Su."

    Lin Yiqian then turned around and walked away.

    "This Su Miao is too disgusting. She's with Gu Nianshen..." Tong Huan tagged behind Lin Yiqian and was complaining about the lady from before.

    Lin Yiqian ignored her all the while as they walked down the escalator. All of a sudden, Lin Yiqian stopped walking and turned around to look at her. "Tong Huan."

    Her ice-cold expression made Tong Huan shiver. "Yeah?"

    Lin Yiqian then said, "Don't ever contact me again."

    Without the slightest variation in her tone, Lin Yiqian sounded as cold as ice.

    Tong Huan froze. She began to avoid Lin Yiqian's gaze. "Little Yi, what's the matter with you?"

    Lin Yiqian smiled at her. "Consider me an arrogant person who does not want to be your friend."

    As Lin Yiqian finished her sentence, she immediately started walking away without even waiting for Tong Huan's response.

    Coming to this mall, going to the specific Life's counter on the fifth floor and bumping into Gu Nianshen's rumored mistress, Su Miao... Could all of this really be a coincidence?

    Lin Yiqian must have been too naive to believe that someone actually remembered her as a friend.


    "I'm so upset. I can't believe she accepted it. How poor is she?"

    Su Miao flung the box of tissue on the ground after getting into the car.

    She could not even afford to buy the 300,000 dollar bag for herself.

    Tong Huan said carefully, "I was equally surprised. I can't believe the once arrogant young lady had stooped to this level. She actually accepted a donation from her husband's mistress.



    Su Miao looked at Tong Huan angrily. "It's a 300,000 dollar bag. A donation?"

    Someone should as well donate the bag to Su Miao herself.

    Tong Huan did not dare to speak about the topic any further. "Alright, you need to make use of this opportunity to get even more famous."

    "If I don't get on the front page of the news today and tomorrow, you will have to return twice the amount of money to me!"


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    "A successful CEO's mistress gave a bag with a six-figure price tag to his wife as a wedding gift."

    "The once rich and arrogant Miss Lin has succumbed to a luxury bag from her husband's mistress..."

    "Pictures of Su Miao during her childhood have been revealed. She has always been a pretty girl."

    In a classy VIP room, a group of men who grew up with Gu Nianshen and Lin Yiqian sat in a circle.

    They were gossiping about Lin Yiqian as they went through her news on the internet.

    "This woman is so desperate for fame and fortune. She's lost all sense of self-respect."

    "Nianshen, I think you should leave this woman soon."

    Everyone chipped in as they advised Gu Nianshen on what he should do.

    "Yeah. She's just a little above average in terms of her beauty. Only your dumb uncle would fall for her..."

    Gu Nianshen who had kept his eyes shut all this time suddenly raised a glass of wine and poured it on the person who was speaking.

    The man could barely open his eyes with alcohol dripping down his face. He started raising his voice. "Darn you..."

    Editor: Holy crap what's with this twist?!
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