28 Do You Like Mister Gu?

    Lin Yiqian did not ponder too much when Xiaoyu said he liked Mister Gu. She naively believed that Xiaoyu respected Gu Nianshen for his ability to urinate very far.

    However, she sighed to herself in her heart. The genetic factor was too strong. Therefore, in many ways, Xiaoyu was almost like Gu Nianshen's clone.

    Lin Yiqian unknowingly started smiling as she thought of this.

    "Mother, do you like Mister Gu?"

    Lin Yiqian was stunned as she stared at Xiaoyu. Xiaoyu returned her glance with his head tilted.

    Lin Yiqian had never expected Xiaoyu to be the first person to ask her this question. It happened so suddenly that she was unsure of how to react.

    Her mouth opened slightly as her lips trembled. It seemed as if she was holding herself back from speaking, which greatly annoyed Xiaoyu.

    He asked urgently, "Mother, do you like Mister Gu?"

    His lips were pouted as he looked very much unhappy. Lin Yiqian hugged him as she replied, "I do!"

    The two words that slipped out of Lin Yiqian's mouth caused her shoulders to tighten. She closed her eyes as she recalled the bittersweet moments with the man of her dreams. She could not help but smile.

    When Lin Xiaoyu heard her response, he immediately chuckled. "I knew you would like him, Mother."

    Lin Yiqian dug her head into the young boy's neck as she smelled his unique scent.

    He was her Xiaoyu. Their Xiaoyu.


    As his work had been disrupted, Gu Nianshen now had a deep frown on his face as he opened the door. When he saw Qi Wuyue and Li Nanmu, his frown deepened.

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    However, Li Nanmu completely ignored his look of annoyance as he pointed at Gu Nianshen. "I say that you and Lin Yiqian are the same kinds of person. You both act as if you don't care about the desires of this world. However, deep down, you both desire the same things as we do."

    Without skipping a beat, Qi Wuyue added, "Yeah. You said that you weren't interested in Catwoman. However, when she showed the pitiful expression, you immediately let go of the child."

    They should have asked him to teach the arrogant woman a lesson.

    They wanted to see how proud she could be.

    Gu Nianshen could not be bothered by the two men. With a look of impatience, he asked, "Can the two of you get lost now?"

    Gu Nianshen's hand was still on the door. He looked as if he was about to close it.

    Qi Wuyue immediately stopped him from closing the door. "Our friends from school who live in the capital know that we are here. They have invited us for a meal and asked us to make sure that you show up. Are you going to come?"

    Gu Nianshen did not even have to think about it. "No way."

    He made it clear what his intentions were with those two simple words.

    This was the second time Li Nanmu and Qi Wuyue had experienced an upfront rejection on the same day. They nearly choked on their saliva.

    Li Nanmu pointed his finger at Gu Nianshen. However, he did not dare to yell at Gu Nianshen. Instead, he said something else to try to provoke Gu Nianshen. "Like I said, both you and Lin Yiqian are the same kind of person. Now I know why your grandfather had left such a will behind."

    Li Nanmu and Qi Wuyue were always entertained by Gu Nianshen's reaction whenever Lin Yiqian's name was mentioned.

    While Li Nanmu was the one who spoke, Qi Wuyue crossed his arms in front of his chest in anticipation of Gu Nianshen's reaction.


    Gu Nianshen did not seem to react coldly as he did in the past whenever Lin Yiqian was mentioned. Instead, he agreed with a soft hum.

    Gu Nianshen did not show any facial expression, which made it difficult for one to tell what he was feeling.


    Qi Wuyue and Li Nanmu were both confused by Gu Nianshen's reaction. This was not his normal reaction.

    "I feel that he has changed over the past few days."
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