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    "My friend had sent all of my clothes from overseas. Besides, I bought a few new ones in the capital. There are too many clothes to fit in my wardrobe, which was why I left the two most expensive ones in yours. I was worried they would become wrinkled. I'll remove them right away," Lin Yiqian hurriedly explained.

    Lin Yiqian spoke as she immediately walked over and was prepared to remove the two skirts from Gu Nianshen's wardrobe.

    Before her hand had even touched the skirts, the man next to her suddenly grabbed her wrist. "There's no need..."

    Gu Nianshen was stunned by his own reaction as he stopped speaking immediately.

    His gaze shifted to Lin Yiqian's fair and thin wrist. It had never occurred to him that her skin would be this tender and that his single hand would be large enough to hold both of hers. Suddenly, he noticed that her wrist had turned red from his grip.

    Gu Nianshen immediately let go of her hand.

    Meanwhile, Lin Yiqian had also recollected herself as she turned away from the man's face to look at her own wrist.

    Noticing that a red circle had formed around it, she gently touched her wrist with the other hand.

    Lin Yiqian then opened her side of the wardrobe as she made space for the two skirts.

    As she did so, Gu Nianshen's gaze shifted to her wardrobe as he quickly scanned through all of her clothes.

    However, when his gaze landed on a pile of clothes on the floor, his facial expression turned gloomy.

    Despite that, Lin Yiqian did not seem to notice his change in expression as she continued to remove clothes, which she did not plan to wear today, from the upper section.

    "I'll give you ten minutes to toss these old articles of clothing away," Gu Nianshen said coldly.

    He had spoken it as an order. Then, he grabbed his pajamas from the wardrobe and walked out.

    Lin Yiqian was stunned by what he said. By the time she came back to her senses, the man had already walked out of the dressing room.

    In a depleted manner, she dropped her hands and leaned onto the wardrobe's door. The corners of her mouth lifted.

    Hehe... This was the real Gu Nianshen, cold and distant.

    She did not know why he wanted her to throw her old clothes away, nor did she want to think about it. After all, he had never needed any reason for hatred and disgust.

    Lin Yiqian very quickly picked out all the clothes from America and piled them up on the floor.

    She then sat down and carefully folded each of them into an empty box. The clothes Bai Se had brought were all inexpensive.

    Therefore, tossing them away was not too much of a waste.

    As the number of clothes on the floor slowly decreased, two T-shirts with caricatures of turtles printed of them came into her line of sight.

    Lin Yiqian was taken by surprise.

    As she picked up the two T-shirts, she noticed that they were identical. However, one was meant for a male while the other was meant for a female.

    The male-sized T-shirt was brand new and still had the smell of detergent on it.

    'Mother, why are you buying three pieces of these? I don't have a father.'

    'You can wear it when you get older. By then, I would be able to wear the same clothes as you.'


    Xiaoyu's adorable face appeared in her mind, which made Lin Yiqian smile. Her eyes glimmered under the light like a sea of stars in the sky.

    She was prepared to throw them into the box when she grabbed the two T-shirts. However, she did not do so in the end.

    As she did not want Gu Nianshen to see them lying around, she opened the drawer with a lock at the bottom of the wardrobe and tossed the clothes inside, not forgetting to lock it after doing so.

    The man observed her from beyond the door. He could not stop himself from banging his fist on the wall.


    Surprised by the loud collision, Lin Yiqian jerked around. She then quickly stood up and walked outside to find out what had happened.
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