55 Joke of the Year

    Lin Yiqian slowly approached the door as she tried to recall the passcode to gain access to the house. As the numbers gradually appeared in her mind, she raised her hand to begin entering the numbers.

    "Lin Yiqian? Is that you?"

    "It really is Lin Yiqian. She has returned."

    The voices of two surprised females could be heard.

    Lin Yiqian paused as she turned around to see two fashionably dressed women standing near where she had gotten out of the taxi earlier. They were holding each other's hands with fake smiles on their faces.

    These women had grown up with her. Since they were kids, they had always compared themselves with Lin Yiqian. The lady with short hair was Zhou Hongling while the lady with long hair was Qian Jiaojiao. Whatever Lin Yiqian had owned in the past, they would each buy one of the same design.

    "Who are the two of you?" Lin Yiqian asked emotionlessly.

    Lin Yiqian's words reflected her proud and cool demeanor, making the two women feel insignificant and, naturally, resulted in a change of their facial expressions.

    "Your family is already going bankrupt. Why are you still so arrogant?" One of them asked.

    "Have you forgotten that she's married to Gu Nianshen now? She has become Mega's CEO's wife," the other added.

    "Oh, haven't you heard that Gu Nianshen is now staying outside in another apartment? He is sleeping around with other women. Why would he care about a woman who has slept with his own uncle?"


    The two continued with their disrespectful conversation as if Lin Yiqian was not even there.

    Their words were becoming more and more brutal.

    However, Lin Yiqian was hardly surprised. In fact, she was not even upset because she was used to this. Ever since she was young, she had understood that other people spoke negatively about her because they envied her.

    That was exactly the case with these two women.

    Lin Yiqian patiently waited for the two women to stop talking before she responded. "Weren't you both Gu Nianshen's admirers back then? You had gone around saying that you would sleep with Gu Nianshen one day. Now, Gu Nianshen is sleeping with a different woman each night. Why hasn't he slept with the two of you?"

    She then raised her eyebrows in a provocative way. It was impossible to imitate her high and mighty attitude.

    Five years had passed since her return, yet she did not seem to have changed at all.

    Lin Yiqian still gave off a superior aura.

    However, it was acceptable in the past because she had come from a wealthy family. Now that the Lin family was close to bankruptcy, what right did she have to act this way?

    The two women who were insulted by Lin Yiqian's words were not giving up.

    "If Grandfather Gu had specified Gu Nianshen to marry me, I would have definitely been able to keep Gu Nianshen around."

    It seemed that everyone knew about the fact that was Gu Nianshen being forced to marry Lin Yiqian.

    Was he very concerned that other people might mistake him as wanting to marry her?

    A sense of bitterness swept over Lin Yiqian's heart. However, she did not hesitate as she rolled her eyes at Qian Jiaojiao. "Did you know that you've just made the joke of the year?"

    Lin Yiqian initially wanted to add something along the lines of 'you think too highly of yourself' but decided against it in the end.

    She would not waste her time on these people.

    However, Qian Jiaojiao was already sufficiently insulted by Lin Yiqian's sentence. She pointed her finger at Lin Yiqian. "How dare you, Lin Yiqian..."

    Lin Yiqian ignored Qian Jiaojiao as she gracefully turned around and proceeded to enter the passcode.

    "Invalid passcode." A voice notification spoke after Lin Yiqian had entered the six-digit passcode.

    'If I'm not home, you can use this passcode to enter the house. This is our passcode to access our home. It will never be changed.' Lin Yiqian recalled what her mother had told her when she was a child.

    However, the two words that came out from the device made her freeze.

    She had only returned to her senses when she heard Zhou Hongling's teasing laughter.

    "Even your father is embarrassed by you running away with another man. He won't even let you enter the house," Zhou Hongling said.
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