56 You Are Responsible for Hurting Her

    Feelings of pain and anguish filled Lin Yiqian's heart as if a great weight had been placed upon her.

    She turned to face Zhou Hongling. "Shut up!"

    There was no other outlet for her anger.

    A tinge of fear crossed Zhou Hongling's mind. However, she instantly recovered and attempted to provoke Lin Yiqian instead. "I'm not going to shut up. Why don't you bite me and make me stop?"

    Zhou Hongling made a nasty face.

    Lin Yiqian immediately charged toward her as if she actually would bite Zhou Hongling.

    Zhou Hongling subconsciously backed away. "What do you think you're doing? Do you actually think I'm scared of you?"

    Lin Yiqian snorted. "If you're not, why did you back away?"

    Lin Yiqian walked even closer to Zhou Hongling. With her height, she towered over Zhou Hongling, which made her appear even more threatening.

    Zhou Hongling and Qian Jiaojiao glanced at each other as they both reached for Lin Yiqian simultaneously. One of them grabbed at Lin Yiqian's hair while the other grabbed onto her shoulders.

    "We'll teach you a lesson today."

    They wanted to push her to the ground.

    However, Lin Yiqian worked out frequently throughout the year and was much stronger than they were. Although she could easily fend them off, there was a risk of some of her hair being pulled out.

    This was the first time in her life to ever be involved in a fight. Even when she was once surrounded by other female students in front of the school, she had not actually fought them.

    "Let go of her!"

    That voice...

    Lin Yiqian could hear a familiar man's voice. In that instant, she had forgotten that her hair was still being tugged as she turned around.

    She immediately felt the pain from her hair being pulled out. It hurt so badly that the muscles on her face were convoluted.

    When Zhou Hongling and Qian Jiaojiao saw Gu Nianshen, they were both shocked. They immediately let go of Lin Yiqian.

    By then, Gu Nianshen was already walking toward Lin Yiqian. He subconsciously extended his hands and pulled her into his embrace.

    Meanwhile, he used his other hand to caress her shoulders, which still had marks of being clawed at.

    Gu Nianshen then shifted his gaze to her head. Not only was her hair all messed up, but there was also a bunch of hair on the ground. His gaze instantly turned cold as he turned to look at Zhou Hongling and Qian Jiaojiao.

    The two were immediately terrified as they tried to explain themselves. "She started it."

    Gu Nianshen ignored them as he turned to look at Lin Yiqian again and began to brush her hair with his hand.

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    He did so very slowly and carefully, with each movement seeming to express care and affection.

    "You will both be responsible for every single strand of hair she lost," he said lazily.

    Despite his back facing Zhou Hongling and Qian Jiaojiao, both of them could still feel his intense hostility.

    His words, on the other hand, made Lin Yiqian feel a certain warmth in her heart.

    She lifted her head to look at the man's face right in front of her. In that instant, she was reminded of a similar scene that had made her feel this way.

    That was the second time Lin Yiqian had felt such warmth from looking at him. She recalled that he was wearing his designated jersey with the number '1' on it. As the announcement was made that their team had won, he had turned to a girl in the audience.

    At that time, Lin Yiqian wished that Gu Nianshen was looking at her instead.

    She could still remember how his eyes were shining like a million stars as the sun shone on him.

    Meanwhile, Qian Jiaojiao and Zhou Hongling had no idea what Gu Nianshen wanted to do. However, they definitely could feel the threat from Gu Nianshen's voice. They began to feel fear in their hearts. "Gu Nianshen, what are you thinking..."

    "In twenty minutes, you'd better put a picture of yourselves with shaved heads in the groupchat among our classmates. Otherwise, your parents will come begging," Gu Nianshen said without turning his head around to face them.
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