58 Her Entire World Fell Apar

    Lin Yiqian did not understand why Gu Nianshen was frowning. Gu Nianshen had even kissed her at the airport to rid himself of bad reputation when Aunt Yao had scolded him in public.

    If he did not speak up, Lin Yiqian would kiss him.

    Just as the thought appeared in her mind, the man next to her finally murmured softly. "Yeah."

    It sounded so soft that she could have easily missed it if she was not paying attention.

    As soon as Gu Nianshen murmured his reply, he gently circled his arm around Lin Yiqian's arm.

    Although Lin Yiqian had hoped he would cooperate with her, she did not expect him to answer her in such a way. She wished this was not just an act for the sake of the outsiders in front of them.

    After Gu Nianshen had responded to Lin Yiqian, he glanced at his watch before turning to Zhou Hongling and Qian Jiaojiao. "Five minutes have passed. You have fifteen minutes remaining."

    "I'm not going to shave my head," one of them said.

    "Let's leave," the other added.

    Qian Jiaojiao and Zhou Hongling proudly walked away hand in hand.

    After they had left, Lin Yiqian and Gu Nianshen were left alone. She immediately retrieved her arm from Gu Nianshen's grasp.

    It suddenly felt awkward.

    She snuck another glance at Gu Nianshen. His hands were now naturally tucked into the pockets of his pants.

    This brought back memories of a similar scene in the past. Back then, the two of them had come first and second place respectively in an English examination. They had both gone early to the teacher's office for a meeting but the teacher did not arrive until much later.

    As they sat facing each other, she would occassionally steal glances at him as her heart pounded.

    However, he was completely focused on his drawing with his headphones on. He would at times smile without noticing that Lin Yiqian was looking at him the whole time.

    Right then, Gu Nianshen had lifted his head to look at tall buildings far away while Lin Yiqian quietly looked at him from the side.

    She was enjoying this view a lot.

    "Mr. Gu! Yiqian!"

    A familiar voice suddenly interrupted the silence between them.

    Lin Yiqian immediately turned to look in the direction where the voice had come from. A couple had gotten out of a small black car and was approaching them excitedly.

    Lin Yiqian froze.

    The smile on Lin Tianwan's face gradually became fixed as he slowed down. "Yiqian, you're home."

    Lin Tianwan was dressed in very casual clothing and had visibly gray hair on his head. He seemed downtrodden.

    It seemed that his appearance had changed significantly since the time he was the chairman of his company and had a net worth of billions.

    Lin Yiqian completely ignored him. He then turned to look at Gu Nianshen with an awkward smile. "Mr. Gu, you're here as well."

    Gu Nianshen casually glanced at Lin Tianwan's face before turning to face Lin Yiqian.

    She appeared emotionless.

    A middle-aged woman followed after Lin Tianwan. When she got close to Lin Yiqian, she halted for a moment before taking bigger strides toward Lin Yiqian and grabbing her by the arm. "Yiqian, are you really back?"

    This was the woman Lin Yiqian had trusted the most in the past. In fact, Lin Yiqian was even more intimate with this woman who was her youngest aunt, Jiang Yuexiang, than her own mother.

    However, one fine day many years ago, Jiang Yuexiang had brought Lin Yiqian's favorite cousin to live with her. Jiang Yuexiang and Lin Yiqian's father had sat her down to tell her that her cousin was actually her biological brother. From then on, Jiang Yuexiang would be her mother.

    When that happened, Lin Yiqian felt as if her entire world had fallen apart.

    At the time, it was not even a year since her mother had passed away. Lin Yiqian had yet to recover from the grieving process after losing her mother. When they had told her about such an immoral truth, she was actually glad that her mother was not around to hear it.
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