59 A Low Profile Bachelor

    Lin Yiqian was glad that her mother did not have to suffer the pain of being betrayed by her own husband and biological sister.

    Without even looking at Jiang Yuexiang, Lin Yiqian pulled her hand away as she stared at Lin Tianwan coldly. "I'll make an appointment with you next time. We'll discuss something somewhere outside."

    Since Gu Nianshen was here, she could not voice out what she initially wanted to express.

    Lin Yiqian began to walk away in big strides.

    "Yiqian..." Jiang Xiaoyue called out after her.

    As Jiang Xiaoyue ran after Lin Yiqian, tears filled her eyes as she cried out while grabbing onto Lin Yiqian's arm. "If you don't want to see me, I'll leave for a while. You've already come to the house. If you don't even enter for a while, your dad would feel terribly sad."

    "Don't show me how much you care about him. I think it's disgusting." Lin Yiqian shrugged Jiang Yuexiang's hand off once again.

    Lin Yiqian was not holding back her emotions at all.

    Even Gu Nianshen was stunned by what he was witnessing. He could see that Lin Yiqian's eyes were red with tears. Without saying a word, he walked toward Lin Yiqian and reached out for her hand. They then walked down the straight road hand in hand.

    Once they reached the end of the road, they found themselves at the exit of the neighborhood. Lin Yiqian shrugged off Gu Nianshen's hand.

    "Thank you."

    After expressing her gratitude, she started walking forward with her head down without looking at Gu Nianshen.

    Apart from the fight with Zhou Hongling and Qian Jiaojiao, this was the first time she lost her temper in front of Gu Nianshen. As she looked at her own shadow on the ground, she touched her own face. She could imagine the awful state she must be in right then.

    While Gu Nianshen did not run after her, Lin Yiqian gestured for a taxi to pick her up as soon as she saw one.

    As soon as she got into the taxi, she rested her forehead on the window as she looked at the passing scenery outside the car which seemed all too familiar.

    All of a sudden, her thoughts were interrupted by the ringing of her phone.

    It was a Wechat voice message from Bai Se. She could hear Xiaoyu's voice. "Good morning, mommy."

    Lin Yiqian's negative emotions vanished into thin air. "Good morning, Xiaoyu," she replied with a soft and gentle voice.

    After sending the message to Xiaoyu, she realized that she had not checked her phone for the entire morning. She scrolled through her friends' newsfeed on Wechat before going on QQ.

    She discovered that there were quite a number of messages on QQ. 'This is strange. I don't have many friends on this thing. Why are there so many messages?' Lin Yiqian wondered.

    '"A Low Profile Bachelor" has added you into the "big boss" group.'

    This was the first message which caught her attention.

    'Who was "A Low Profile Bachelor"? When had he become her friend on this application?'

    As she pondered with a confused expression on her face, a large number of messages continued to appear in the 'big boss' group.

    'Who are these two bald ladies? They look strangely familiar.

    'Aren't they Qian Jiaojiao and Zhou Hongling?

    'Why have they become nuns?'


    Lin Yiqian could not stop herself from chuckling out loud. The two women had actually gotten their heads shaved.

    However, it was not unexpected as the consequences of not doing what Gu Nianshen said were much worse.

    Lin Yiqian checked out the profiles of several people by tapping on their profile pictures. She eventually realized that this was the group chat of her former schoolmates. Once upon a time, she had been in this group chat as well.

    "Who's the girl 'Mr. Bachelor' had just added into the group?"

    Lin Yiqian was still reading the messages when someone enquired about who she was. She did not plan on replying to the message.

    "It's the popular girl, Lin Yiqian," the man who added her into the group chat replied.

    "So that's Lin Yiqian. That explains why an uncommon aura has appeared as soon as she entered the group chat."

    "Stop embarrassing yourself if you don't know your vocabulary well enough."

    Right then, a system notification popped up. The person who had insulted Lin Yiqian earlier had been muted by the group chat administrator.
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