60 Removed from the Group Chat by Gu Nianshen

    Someone immediately defended the person who was muted. "Hao Zi didn't say anything wrong. Wang Ya, your position as the most popular girl in the group is at risk."

    The person who wrote the last message had even tagged 'Adorable Ya' in the group chat.

    This was how Lin Yiqian became the most disliked person amongst her schoolmates in the past. It was all caused by these people who would not stop gossiping about her. Right then, Lin Yiqian decisively opened the group chat's information page to leave the group.

    However, before she did so, a system notification popped up to inform her that she had been removed from the group.

    'Administrator NS has removed you from the group chat.'

    Although she could not remember who the other nicknames belonged to, she knew very well that NS was Gu Nianshen. The alphabets were the initials of Gu Nianshen's first name.

    Lin Yiqian could not believe that he had just removed her from the group chat in the presence of all their schoolmates. It was absolutely disrespectful.

    Although Lin Yiqian was mad, she directed her anger at the 'Bachelor' who had added her into the group chat in the first place. She was going to block him on the system.

    When she tapped on his QQ profile photo, she saw that it was Li Nanmu.

    Lin Yiqian's face immediately turned sour.

    She could not believe that he had actually named himself 'A Low Profile Bachelor'. There was nothing low profile about him as he often flaunted his wealth to others.

    Unexpectedly, the fellow had actually kept her as his contact on QQ. She thought that he would have deleted her a long time ago.

    Lin Yiqian was contemplating on whether to block Li Nanmu when he suddenly sent her a message. "Did you just get kicked out of the group by Gu Nianshen?"

    She could clearly picture his smug face without even seeing him in person.

    Lin Yiqian rolled her eyes. "Your family runs a hospital. Why don't you get your eyes checked?"

    "My family doesn't run a hospital. We run a pre-school," he replied with an angry emoticon.

    "I just wanted to find out if you regret rejecting me back then. Do you know that I was really hurt?" He added.

    'So lame!' She thought.

    "No, I don't." Lin Yiqian did not know what else to reply.

    "Stop acting tough. Apologize to me and I will get Nianshen to add you back into the group chat again," he replied.

    "This will be the final second you see me on QQ." Lin Yiqian wrote.

    As soon as the message was delivered, she blocked 'A Low Profile Bachelor' on the QQ system.

    "What do you mean?"

    'You are not friends with this user. You may add this user as your friend to start chatting.'

    When Li Nanmu sent the next message to Lin Yiqian, the system informed him that they were no longer friends. He was dumbfounded.

    'What the heck? Did she just block me?' He wondered to himself.

    He could not believe that that had just happened. "Gu Nianshen, your wife had just blocked me on QQ." He immediately texted Gu Nianshen.

    "Your great grandmother has blocked you. Do you have a problem with that?" Gu Nianshen very soon replied.

    "..." Li Nanmu was speechless.

    This was not the Gu Nianshen he knew. He was way too intimidating.


    After being removed from the group chat by Gu Nianshen, Lin Yiqian felt very annoyed. She decided that she would block his Wechat and telephone number once she reached home.

    However, it appeared that she did not even have him as her contact on Wechat.

    'Hmm, it looks like I don't even have the opportunity to do that.' Lin Yiqian thought to herself.

    "Mrs. Gu, you're back," a servant greeted Lin Yiqian with a smile.

    She nodded at the servant as she walked through the door into the house. As she was about to change her shoes, she could suddenly hear Gu Nianjia's uncontainable laughter.



    Lin Yiqian had only just removed her shoes and had yet to put on a pair of slippers. She curiously walked into the living room and saw that Gu Nianjia had burst into laughter as she laid on the couch.

    "What's going on?" Lin Yiqian asked as she looked at the servant next to her.

    "I don't know. She's been like this for nearly two hours." The servant shook his head.

    Lin Yiqian was speechless.
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