62 The Best Daddy Candidate

    When Lin Yiqian heard the door being opened, she glanced over and was surprised to find Gu Nianshen walking into the room.

    Why had he not gone to his apartment?

    Gu Nianshen's gaze swept past Lin Yiqian as he continued to walk deeper into the room. As he did so, he pulled his nearly tucked shirt out from the top of his pants.

    The shirt was very wrinkled with distinctive lines of separation between sections. Gu Nianshen then proceeded to unbutton his shirt from the top. By the third button, he seemed to have stopped from exhaustion.

    The shirt clung to his body loosely which made him look somewhat more relaxed.

    Lin Yiqian could not help but allow her gaze to linger upon his body for a while longer.

    She felt somewhat sorry for his exhausted state as she contemplated whether or not to get him a new shirt from the dressing room. In fact, she had even thought of assisting him with the removal of the remaining buttons on his shirt.

    However, she very soon decided against her thoughts.

    Why should she be so nice to him? All he did was show her respect in front of Zhou Hongling and Qian Jiaojiao.

    Did he not kick her out from the schoolmates' group chat earlier today?

    As she recalled the particular incident, she looked away from Gu Nianshen determinedly.

    After Gu Nianshen had retrieved his pajamas from the dressing room and had gone into the bathroom, Lin Yiqian removed her face mask. She then got up with her phone and her laptop as she walked to another room.

    Would he apologize to her for kicking her out of the group chat?

    Could it be a misunderstanding?

    Lin Yiqian thought about such questions as she lay down on her bed. Occasionally, she would check her phone only to find that there was not a single notification.

    'Nevermind.' She was not going to ponder on it any further. It was normal for him to treat her this way. On the contrary, it would have been odd if he did any otherwise.

    Perhaps, Bai Yueguang was also in the group. Gu Nianshen probably did not want Bai Yueguang to see her.

    Lin Yiqian finally locked her phone and left it on one corner of the bed as she turned off the light.


    Suddenly, a message alert could be heard from her phone. As the screen of the phone lit up, a dim light lit up in the room.

    Lin Yiqian instantly got up to turn on the lights. When she picked her phone up, a look of disappointment appeared on her face as she saw that it was a Wechat message from Bai Se.

    When she opened the message, she heard Xiaoyu's gentle voice. Consequently, a smile appeared on her face.

    "Mommy, I want to introduce you to a very handsome guy. He is the best daddy candidate I have chosen."

    Lin Yiqian frowned. Why was this kid so concerned about finding a husband for her? "Stop messing around. Get ready for your afternoon nap."

    "I'm not messing around. I'll chat with the mister on your behalf for now," Xiaoyu immediately replied.

    Xiaoyu then sent another emoticon which showed that he would take an afternoon nap.

    Lin Yiqian was speechless.

    This kid was being overly concerned about her relationship status.

    Without giving Lin Xiaoyu's words any serious consideration, Lin Yiqian put down her phone and was prepared to turn off the light when a scratching sound could suddenly be heard by the door.

    Could it be Gu Xiaoxiao again?

    Lin Yiqian got out of bed and walked over to the door before opening it. Indeed, Gu Xiaoxiao was kneeling in front of her bedroom door. There was an armed tray with milk and a sandwich on it.

    She looked at the items confusedly.

    "Are these for me?" She asked as she petted Gu Xiaoxiao's head.

    Woof! Woof!

    Gu Xiaoxiao barked twice before getting up and turning around.

    Right then, the door to a bedroom diagonally opposite Lin Yiqian's bedroom opened. Gu Nianjia walked out with a face mask on her face. When she saw Gu Xiaoxiao standing by Lin Yiqian's door, her eyes became wide open as she pointed a finger at Gu Xiaoxiao. "Gu Xiaoxiao, come back right now!"

    Gu Nianjia was Xiaoxiao's master. Naturally, Xiaoxiao responded to her command immediately as it trotted over to her room.
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