66 You Have Two Days to Consider

    When Lin Tianwan heard that Lin Yiqian wanted to talk about the company, he immediately seemed excited.

    However, he noticed how Lin Yiqian's expression was as cold as ice. "Yiqian, it's rare that you're home. Let's go inside."

    Lin Tianwan reached for Lin Yiqian's arm as he spoke.

    "There's no need to go inside. We'll talk here. I've got to leave soon." Lin Yiqian avoided his hand.

    "Gu Nianshen will only give us 300 million as agreed in the contract," she continued.

    Lin Tianwan's smile turned awkward. "I just hope to pay off the debt. It doesn't matter if the company can be salvaged or not." His softer tone when he said the second sentence gave him away. He was clearly hoping for more.

    Lin Yiqian stared at him with her fists clenched tightly. "Don't forget that the 300 million was meant as my wedding gift." She raised her chin.

    "What do you mean by that?"

    "You only have one way to stay out of jail."

    As soon as Lin Yiqian said these words, everyone present gasped. They thought that Lin Yiqian was a cold-blooded person.

    "Yiqian..." Jiang Yuexiang interrupted.

    "Make me the sole owner of the company. I will pay off the remaining debt." Lin Yiqian did not give Jiang Yuexiang the opportunity to speak.

    "I've done some research. The family business owes around 320 million in debt. I will give you one million to take over the company. The remaining debt will be my responsibility," Lin Yiqian said determinedly.

    There was no room for negotiation.

    "Yiqian, can you still not forgive your father?" Lin Tianwan's hands shook as he raised them to try to touch Li Yiqian.

    She stepped away. "I have just visited Mother. Don't ruin my mood."

    "You have two days to consider my offer." Lin Yiqian snorted as she prepared to leave.

    Right then, a middle-aged man standing next to Jiang Yuexiang stepped out and pointed a finger at Lin Yiqian. "Lin Yiqian, you are merciless. This is your biological father. We are your uncles and aunts."

    He stressed the word 'biological'.

    "You'd better pray in front of my mother's grave every day. Otherwise, I might get people to beat you up." Lin Yiqian gave him the side-eye.

    As she finished her sentence, she immediately walked out of the courtyard.

    The man who claimed to be her uncle continued to yell at her. "This child is extremely disrespectful."

    "So what if she's married into the Gu family. She won't even take care of her own father. An ungrateful child indeed."


    Lin Yiqian sat in the car for a while to calm down before she slowly drove away from the neighborhood.

    She would be lying if she told someone her feelings were completely unaffected.

    After making a right turn, she saw that there was a cafe down the street. She decided to pull over to have a cup of coffee.

    "Lin Yiqian," someone called out as soon as she walked in.

    The man's voice sounded very familiar. As she turned in the direction of where the voice came from, she saw a tall and lean man walking toward her. He was wearing a pair of golden-framed glasses.

    Lin Yiqian thought for a while before recalling that he was Zhang Yang, the son of Fu Xiao Primary School's headmaster.

    The two did not know each other very well. Lin Yiqian nodded as she continued to walk forward. All of a sudden, Zhang Yang charged toward her and grabbed her arm. "Yiqian, are you still blaming me?"

    'Huh? What would I blame him for?' She wondered.

    "Who are you?" Lin Yiqian asked coolly as she shrugged Zhang Yang's hand off.
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