67 Did God Bless Him with Narcissism?

    Were they well-acquainted enough to be on a first-name basis?

    "I knew it. You still blame me," Zhang Yang said, guiltily. He reached his hand out toward Lin Yiqian again.

    "I don't think we know each other very well." Lin Yiqian frowned as she stepped further away.

    He was blaming himself and apologizing to Lin Yiqian for no reason. What was he trying to do?

    "It's my fault. I know that you left the country with Song Changlin because you were angry at me. You were giving me a test." Zhang Yang seemed so upset with himself that Lin Yiqian thought he might actually slap his own face.

    "Huh?" Lin Yiqian was confused.

    What was he talking about?

    Could he be possessed? Why did Lin Yiqian not understand a single word that he had just said?

    Lin Yiqian frowned as she raised her chin. "Tell me your name before you continue speaking."

    She still had to make him tell her his name. Otherwise, he might actually think that they were very well-acquainted.

    "I'm Zhang Yang. Don't pretend to not know me."

    "Oh..." As soon as Zhang Yang said what his name was, Lin Yiqian pretended to take some time to recall who he was. "I remember now. You are the headmaster's son."

    "I'm sorry I couldn't marry you as promised when we were kids. It's my fault." Zhang Yang lowered his head as if he truly felt apologetic.

    He actually felt remorseful.


    Could she have suffered from memory loss? Why was she unable to remember that they had made a promise to get married?

    Lin Yiqian looked as confused as ever. Could anyone tell her what was happening? Was this a movie Bai Se had cast her in?

    Zhang Yang still believed that Lin Yiqian was putting on an act. "I know you very well. Your mother had told my father in front of me that you would be married to me once we had grown up. When you said 'yes', I know that you meant it."


    When had she ever said that?

    Lin Yiqian decided to think about it carefully. When had her mother met this fellow? She was quite certain that her mother did not have a close relationship with the headmaster out of school. They had probably only met each other in school three times and it was always because Lin Yiqian had performed poorly in her studies. Moreover, Lin Yiqian used to avoid participating in group activities and would often be called to the headmaster's office because of that.

    There was once that Lin Yiqian's mother was called to meet the headmaster. Coincidentally, Zhang Yang was also in the office and was doing his homework.

    "It's great that Headmaster Zhang cares about the students so much. Your son is very smart too. If only our Yiqian was as diligent as him," Lin Yiqian's mother had said.

    "Yang Yang, come over and greet Mrs. Lin," the headmaster had said.

    "Hi, Mrs. Lin."

    "How adorable. Would you like to marry our Yiqian after you have both grown up?" Lin Yiqian's mother had asked jokingly.

    "Yiqian, would you like to have some chocolate?"



    After much careful thought, Lin Yiqian finally recalled how she had said 'yes' when the headmaster had offered her some chocolate.

    It was merely a coincidence that her mother happened to be asking a question. At the time, Lin Yiqian only had her eyes on the Qian Si brand of chocolate in the headmaster's hand when she replied. While she was not a picky eater in general, chocolate was the one thing she adored.

    Lin Yiqian's biggest wish as a child was for her father to own the Qian Si's chocolate brand. If that were the case, she would have had access to an unlimited amount of chocolate.

    Despite that, this fellow probably took it a little too seriously. They were only in the second grade at the time. To be honest, Lin Yiqian had nearly forgotten about his existence entirely. She could not believe that he would still keep this close to his heart.

    This was way too dramatic.

    Lin Yiqian felt exhausted from thinking of how to explain the situation to him. "Don't overthink. We were focused on different things at that time. I said yes only to the chocolate from your father."

    'I never said I would marry you.' Lin Yiqian thought.

    Lin Yiqian could not believe that he actually thought she might want to marry him. Did god bless him with such ridiculous narcissism?
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